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We’re Baking ‘Have I Been Pwned’ into Firefox and 1Password

I realized that derivatives are linear

Why nobody ever wins the car at the mall

STARTTLS Everywhere

Scale API (YC S16) is hiring engineers to build human perception as a service

Show HN: Maskmail – anonymous email address service

DEDA – Tracking Dots Extraction, Decoding and Anonymisation Toolkit

Thermostats, Locks and Lights: Digital Tools of Domestic Abuse

Homemade GPS Receiver (2013)

The F-106A That Flew Itself – After the Pilot Ejected, Landing Gently in a Field

The Case for Shared Nothing (1986) [pdf]

AT&T confirms it is buying ad platform AppNexus reportedly for between $1.6B-$2B

Parsing with Derivatives: A Functional Pearl (2011) [pdf]

Introducing A16Z Crypto

Monitoring the Fermentation of Sourdough Starter with Computer Vision

FDA approves first marijuana-derived drug and it may spark DEA rescheduling

Docker Considered Harmful (2016)

Intercepting and Emulating Linux System Calls with Ptrace

‘A Powerful Signal of Recessions’ Has Wall Street’s Attention

Notes on Discrete Mathematics (2017) [pdf]

Applying auction mechanisms to meeting scheduling (2010) [pdf]

An alternative to shared libraries (2008)

Wendelstein 7-X achieves world record

Why Founders Fail: The Product CEO Paradox (2013)

Restaurants are figuring out how to do without servers

Uber Game – can you break even?

​GitLab Moves from Azure to Google Cloud Platform

The NSA’s Hidden Spy Hubs in Eight U.S. Cities

Oxy – A Security Focused Remote Access Tool

Firefox Developer Tools: Accessibility inspector

DevTube: Searchable index of developer videos

John Oliver is erased from Chinese internet following segment on China

RISC-V Hardware So Far Isn’t Entirely Open-Source

MongoDB 4.0 will add support for multi-document transactions

Announcing STARTTLS Everywhere: Securing Hop-To-Hop Email Delivery

Show HN: ReactScrollShadow – CSS shadow to indicate scrollable area

Borders and populations of countries in Europe each year since 400 BC [video]

Volkswagen’s Electric Car Just Broke the All-Time Record at Pikes Peak

Making a low level Linux debugger, part 2: C

It’s Time to Learn about Quantum Computing

An Illustrated Guide to SSH Agent Forwarding

Big Tech Isn’t the Problem with Homelessness. It’s All of Us

Seattle is building more apartments from 2015-2020 than in the previous 50 yrs

Some PC games have ad-tracking software installed

Tech giant Tencent has joined the Linux Foundation as a Platinum member

FDA approves country’s first medicine made from marijuana

’New Zealand wants you’: the problem with tech at the edge of the world

3 Powerful Ways to Uplift Yourself When You Hit a Low Point in Life

Point Roberts,an American City Embedded in Canada

Free Server Monitoring/APM Solutions for Startups and SysAdmins

[Article] What Can I Do with Python?

Write Better CSS: From Hell to Heaven

First space, then auto–now Elon Musk quietly tinkers with education

Microsoft uses Quorum to track royalty payments to video game publishers

Windows 98 20th Anniversary All New PC Build [video]

Stewart Butterfield spent the first five years of his life living on a commune

Asian Americans are the least likely in the US to be promoted to management

Mozilla bakes ‘Have I Been Pwned’ into Firefox’s new privacy tool

SF Restaurants Can’t Afford Waiters. So They’re Putting Diners to Work

Moving from Azure to Google Cloud Platform

With Cryptocurrencies in Free Fall, One Big Firm Doubles Down

AI bots trained for 180 years a day to beat humans at Dota 2