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Berkeley Deep Drive Dataset

Facebook abandons Aquila, its internet drone

I Made a Backblaze B2 Python Library so you can get storage 75% cheaper than S3

How Clang Compiles a Function

Effectively using AWS Reserved Instances

Norwegian Consumer Council warns against dark patterns in Facebook and Google [pdf]

’Unique’ cannabis compound reverses brain aging in mice

Scalable Distributed Deep-RL with Importance Weighted Actor-Learner

Examples of Parallel Algorithms from C++17

Someone Built an Electric Harley-Davidson Motorcycle in 1978

Forensic Analysis and Anonymisation of Printed Documents [pdf]

Migrating Messenger storage to optimize performance

Issues and requirements for SNI encryption in TLS

Oldest domains in the .com, .net, and .org TLDs

Show HN: Mimicking the Bloomberg menu widget without JavaScript

Real-Life Schrödinger’s Cats Probe the Boundary of the Quantum World

Zapper: A Very Fast Templating Engine

Cofactor Genomics (YC S15) Is Hiring an Account Executive (Sales)

Mumbai bans plastic bags, bottles, and single-use plastic containers

Families earning $117,000 now qualify as “low income” in California’s Bay Area

Spotify, Nodding to Broader Ambitions, Hires Chief Content Officer

Uber Wins Back London License, in Victory for New C.E.O

‘You can’t use Brotli for dynamic content’ and other misconceptions

Cockatoo identified in 13th Century European book

Toward a Mature Science of Consciousness

Facebook prototypes tool to show how many minutes you spend on it

Facial recognition CEO: software is not ready for use by law enforcement

HashiCorp Consul 1.2: Service Mesh

Did You Say “Intellectual Property”? It’s a Seductive Mirage

HAVING a Blunderful Time (or Wish You Were WHERE) (2007)

Show HN: Simple Open Source 3D Online Multiplayer Battle Game Using Node.js

The impossibility—and the necessity—of distinguishing science from nonscience

Root Cause Analysis of a Non-Deterministic JavaScriptCore Vulnerability

Show HN: A succinct vim-like editor.

ICE hacked its algorithmic risk-assessment tool, it always recommended detention

Running graphics-accelerated GUI apps in LXD containers on a Ubuntu desktop

GDPR from the Cockroach Labs POV

Show HN: The Vue.js Handbook – Free 120 pages ebook

Unpatched WordPress vulnerability allows code execution for authors

A Quiet Evening’s Reading: ‘Notable British Trials’

Parallelism and concurrency need different tools (2013)

Alfred Anaya Put Secret Compartments in Cars so the DEA Put Him in Prison (2013)

All of Microsoft’s Mobile Failures Have Been Redeemed with This Windows 95 Phone

Beginners’ Guide to Solidity Development [video]

Research: Women Ask for Raises as Often as Men, but Are Less Likely to Get Them

Dangerous Optimizations and the Loss of Causality in C and C++ (2010) [pdf]

MacOS Mojave Preview: The Changes That Make a Difference

WPA3: a new generation in wifi security starts today

Neural Titanic: A TensorFlow.js demo

An open source Global Navigation Satellite Systems software-defined receiver

How Do Committees Invent? (1968)

Java in 2018 - The State of Developer Ecosystem by JetBrains

You don’t need an Apple Mac laptop–everything you need is in a Google Chromebook

Silicon Valley’s ideal entrepreneur is about 20 years too young, research shows

Show HN: Api2Pdf, an API for Converting HTML, URLs, and Office Docs to PDF

Flight attendants get more uterine, thyroid and other cancers, study finds

Better than Ever: The New Tower Has Launched

Taking advantage of the asymmetry of offline compression

After John Oliver’s Jokes About Xi Jinping, China Blocks HBO Website

’Sonic Attack’ Symptoms Reportedly Spreading to US Diplomats Around the World

Show HN: Daily emails featuring top posts from NYTimes, Hacker News, and Reddit

Interpol rolls out international voice identification database

Show HN: Generate regex from a set of string

Show HN: Open Source Antivirus Written in Python3. Need Help and Feedback

Chinese stocks enter bear market as trade war heats up

When It’s Good to Be Antisocial (2017)

Yahoo Messenger will be discontinued