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Apple Engineers Its Own Downfall with the Macbook Pro Keyboard

Squeezed: Why Our Families Can’t Afford America

Test-Driven Web Development with Python – The Book

Exposing the secret Office 365 detailed activity logs and forensics tool

Remix is hiring Software Engineers and Managers to build more livable cities

Plume – WIP Federated Blog Engine with ActivityPub

How Tree Trunks Are Cut to Produce Wood with Different Appearances and Uses

Mobile Airbag Deploy When Device Is Dropped

Don’t Provide Your References to a Recruiter Until After Your Last Interview

Google Play Store’s Algorithm Quietly Changes, Tanking Some Apps’ Rankings

China’s social credit system ‘could interfere in other nations’ sovereignty’

Facebook Patent Imagines Triggering a Phone’s Mic When Hidden Signal Plays on TV

Show HN: Muzoti – Algorithmic Music with Web Audio/Midi and VueJS

AT&T raises most customers’ fees by $1.23, adding $800M revenue

In Memory of Jesse Helms and the Condom on His House (2008)

IEEE Position Statement in Support of Strong Encryption [pdf]

Barebones C64 emulator written in C99, compiled to WebAssembly in under 64K

Becoming CTO at OpenAI (2017)

We Have Reached Peak Screen. Now Revolution Is in the Air

Graphene-Based Adaptive Thermal Camouflage

How my role as CTO has changed as we’ve grown from 1 to 100 engineers

Japan’s Hayabusa 2 spacecraft reaches cosmic ’diamond’

Deuce: A Lightweight User Interface for Structured Editing

Another 10 years of Internet evolution

Car alarms and smoke alarms: the tradeoff between sensitivity and specificity

Toward Psychoinformatics: Computer Science Meets Psychology (2016)

Deconstruction with Discrete Embeddings

I Wore an Expensive Watch While Traveling and People Treated Me Differently

Friends don’t let friends use AOL (2000)

Elon Musk Races to Exit Tesla’s ‘Production Hell’

Quines and Multi-Quines (2005)

AT&T is screwing customers by almost tripling a bogus fee

Abusing CSS to create colored dots

Beware of ads that use inaudible sound to link your phone, TV, tablet, and PC

Are You a 10x Programmer? Or Just a Jerk?

Google ups its Linux Foundation membership to the $500,000/year Platinum level

Gates Foundation spent $775m on an education project that was worse than useless

Anthony Kennedy’s Retirement May Have Huge Consequences for Privacy

Indie Games Are Getting Cloned Before They’re Even Out

NASA’s Experimental Supersonic Aircraft Now Known as X-59 QueSST

Slack outage: Connectivity issues affecting all workspaces

Show HN: E-Book Site for Classics

Gracefully Scaling to 10k PostgreSQL Connections for $35/mo

Marketing Firm Exactis Leaks Personal Info Database with 340M Records

Talking to Google Duplex: Google’s human-like phone AI feels revolutionary

Cell carriers to stop sharing real-time cell phone location data

Quasimusic: music from quasiperiodic tilings (2012)

A Nobel-winning economist’s guide to taming tech monopolies

Show HN: Frock: Clojure-flavoured PHP

3b1b featured creators #1 [video]

Show HN: Ping Man – Monitor your ping from your menu bar

Apple and Samsung settle seven-year long patent fight over copying the iPhone

The Good, Bad and Ugly: Apache Spark for Data Science Work

Yes, Google’s Phone-Calling AI Is Cool. But Why Does It Exist?

Our Solar System’s First Known Interstellar Object Gets Unexpected Speed Boost

Building a curated resources website [video]

ProtonMail Down for Many Users as the Company’s Network Faces ’Sustained Attack’

Elon Musk: Tesla Model 3 assembly line inside a tent is way better and cheaper

The Solid-State Lithium-Ion Battery – Has John Goodenough Finally Done It?

Show HN: Evaluate resumes at a glance through Named Entity Recognition

Scientists discover a new mechanism that prevents proliferation of cancer cells

Show HN: Okay Google, Open my curtains (DIY curtain automation for ~$70)

Cryptocurrency influencers hype up ICOs, sometimes making $105,000 a tweet