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Darpa invests $100M in a silicon compiler

Reverse Engineering for Beginners

Extracting Super Mario Bros levels with Python

Instead of ‘finding your passion,’ try developing it, Stanford scholars say

There’s no limit to longevity, says study that revives human lifespan debate

Huygens: Scalable, Fine-grained Clock Synchronization [pdf]

How a Chinese businessman became the largest supplier of pyrotechnics in the US

Wind, solar farms produce 10% of US power in the first four months of 2018

Show HN: A raytracer to shade topographic maps in R, Part 2

Below the Surface: archaeological finds from metro line excavations in Amsterdam

Show your projects in motion with animated GIFs

From Boy Geniuses to Mad Scientists: Americans and Science (2017)

Show HN: The Program – A fictional podcast inspired by Hacker News stories

Breaking LTE on Layer Two

Eight low-tech ways to keep cool in a heatwave (2013)

Taking Another Person’s Perspective Doesn’t Help You Understand Them

EFF Sues to Invalidate FOSTA, an Unconstitutional Internet Censorship Law

Show HN: Build dApp front-ends using GraphQL

Google Leads Series A Investment Round in KaiOS to Connect Next Billion Users

Abalonia: The Island Nation That Never Was

The Matrix Calculus You Need for Deep Learning

Soufflé – Logic Defined Static Analysis

A Japanese cyber-security expert who defended basic decency was stabbed to death

Comparison of Erlang Runtime System and Java Virtual Machine [pdf]

Crypto Coin Tether Defies Logic on Kraken’s Market, Raising Red Flags

The US Mint lost $69M making pennies last year

We Timed Every Game. World Cup Stoppage Time Is Wildly Inaccurate

Human Interest (YC S15) is hiring a Product Manager who likes personal finance

Phez: Loosing $29,014 Creating the Bitcoin-Rewarding Reddit

TCP small queues and WiFi aggregation – a war story

Growing a Golf Simulator Business to $50k/month

Introducing Auto Breakfast from GitLab (sort Of)

Marketing Firm Exactis Leaked a Personal Info Database with 340M Records

Effect of oxytocin on the core social symptoms of autism spectrum disorder

Doing Windows, Part 2: From Interface Manager to Windows

Novelist condemns female culture that revels in humiliating other sex

Disney Imagineering has created autonomous robot stunt doubles

Oil industry is ’peddling misinformation’ about electric vehicles

HyperE: Hyperbolic Embeddings for Entities

One-Shot Imitation from Watching Videos

Rihanna uses unix “nmap” to hack computer in new movie Ocean’s 8

BreezyPDF Lite: HTML to PDF generation as a Service

Sources: Google Is Planning a Game Platform That Could Take on Xbox and PlayStat

A massive cache of law enforcement personnel data has leaked

Show HN: Yubaba, element to element orchestrator for React.js

How to Estimate What You Can’t Predict: Web App Development Cost

Stanford computer scientists launch the Center for Blockchain Research

How Facebook Punked and Then Gut Punched the News Biz – Talking Points Memo

SICP Goodness – Why you don’t need looping constructs

Azure IoT Edge being open sourced today

Hundreds of People Charged with Health Care Fraud and Aiding the Opioid Crisis

How to Implement Push Notifications for iOS and Android in React Native

Have you ever needed to generate a random number in code?

The Lawrence Journal-World, where Django was created, is now a Wordpress site

Talking to Duplex: Google’s phone AI feels revolutionary

Online museum of vintage, abandoned, and pre-release software

Microsoft details secret ‘pocketable’ Surface device in leaked email

Are There Good Jobs in the Gig Economy?

JackSON: JSON secret keeper in less than 50 lines of code

Adidas US breach may have exposed millions of customers’ personal info

Tesla opens the Model 3 reservation floodgates

Performance of the 8088 on PC, PCjr and Tandy 1000

Linux Mint 19 “Tara” Cinnamon Released

How BuzzFeed Migrated from a Perl Monolith to Go and Python Microservices

Sia (functional decentrialised storage platform) Community performance benchmark

Static website hosting for Azure Storage now in public preview

Death on foot: America’s love of SUVs is killing pedestrians

How Not to make a beautiful wooden yoyo

Show HN: An open-source AWS workshop for beginners

Show HN: Blockchain GPUs Unchained-Running Neural Nets Without Hurting Hash Rate

Show HN: An Open-Source iPad Calculator and Why Your App Won’t Make Any Money