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Azure IoT Edge: Microsoft’s 60k LOC open source Rust code base

New research a ‘breakthrough for large-scale discrete optimization’

HyperRogue – a non-Eyclidean roguelike

Fullstack Academy is looking for developers who love teaching

The Forgetfulness of Beings (1997) [pdf]

Patreon Is Suspending Adult Content Creators Because of Its Payment Partners

DjVu, an open PDF alternative

Why has Victoria tube station started to smell like roast meat?

Rust pointers for C programmers

A system to help you remember more of what you read

What is this thing, called swing? (2016)

He Died at Pompeii, but His Head Wasn’t Crushed by a Block

Teefax – A community teletext service

Geeks, MOPs, and sociopaths in subculture evolution (2015)

Porsche shatters the Nürburgring record we thought was unbreakable

Structuring Deep Learning Projects: A Step-By-Step Guide

Snapchat’s decline and the secret joy of internet ghost towns

Bayesian Networks – An Introduction (2016)

BlueChip – An ORM-like syntax for retrieving data from GraphQL or JsonAPI

Forget in a Flash: A Further Investigation of the Photo-Taking-Impairment Effect

Vermont’s Mormon megacity called off after preservationists sound the alarm

The zipper’s history shows how even great ideas can fail at first

Inko, a peer-to-peer collaborative whiteboard app for iPad and Apple TV

Tactics to Solve the Chicken-Or-Egg Problem and Grow Your Marketplace

What life could be like for civilizations 1 trillion years from now appears to have been “de-listed” from Google on key searches

PfSense vs OPNsense: technical comparison

Clojure Error Messages Are Accidental

React from zero: a simple tutorial for React

Your company’s culture is not unique, psychologist Adam Grant says – Recode

“Inventor of email” appeals ruling that tossed his libel suit against Techdirt

Scientists are studying what it takes to kill “super coral”

How humans might outlive Earth, the sun and even the universe (2017)

Excel Unusual – home of the most unique Microsoft Excel animated spreadsheets

Frank Herbert’s seventh Dune novel (2005)

10 Times AMD Beat Intel in the CPU Innovation Race

Programming is a dead end job (2014)

Haskell: Smart constructors that cannot fail

Man charged with threatening to kill Ajit Pai’s family over Net Neutrality

How the Startup Mentality Failed Kids in San Francisco

A system to help you remember more of what you read

Russians Engineer a Slot Machine Cheat and Casinos Have No Fix (2017)

A Nobel-winning economist’s guide to taming tech monopolies

Show HN: Ghostwheel – easy spec, side effect detection and tracing for Clojure