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In 1914, a 200ft wave at Trinidad, California (2014)

My home lab setup for highly-available Internet

Nasa to test ‘quiet’ supersonic flights over Texas

AdamW and Super-convergence is now the fastest way to train neural nets

Booze, Sex, and the Dark Art of Dealmaking in China

Molecular oxygen in comet’s atmosphere not created on its surface

The final step for huge-page swapping

A collection of free datasets from Microsoft Research

Fuzzyset – A Human-Readable Interactive Representation of a Code Library

Show HN: Termtosvg – Record terminal sessions as SVG animations

First Report of Habitual Stone Tool Use by Cebus Monkeys

JINQ – A minimalistic library for Java inspired from .NET LINQ

Show HN: GraphCMS – A GraphQL-based Headless CMS

Speaking in code: hands-free programming

Cities don’t have to offer huge subsidies to companies like Apple and Amazon

Google to developers: We take down your extension because we can

Mastodon WTF timeline

The impact of the ‘open’ workspace on human collaboration

PEP 572: Python assignment expressions has been accepted

How we solved GitLab’s CHANGELOG conflict crisis

The Lobby (YC W18) Is Looking for a Founding VP of Engineering in NYC

Show HN: Hottbox – Higher-Order Tensors Toolbox

The Dangers of Train Yards, Through the Eyes of Railroad Employees

Conservation of Intent: why A/B tests aren’t as effective as they look

Seattle’s Mystery Soda Machine Has Gone Missing

CS50, Harvard’s Largest Class Expands Its Line Up of Courses

Average annual hours worked per country

Italy Wikipedia shuts down in protest at proposed EU copyright law

Uganda has rolled out a 5-cent daily tax to access social media

Show HN: Tetris with words – I created this small game, please give feedback

Worldometers – real time world statistics

Adversarial Reprogramming of Neural Networks

Web APIs, Game Engines, and the Universal Inspect Button

Evaluating the privacy implications of a canvas fingerprinting countermeasure

Pfizer raises prices on 100 drugs–again–despite backlash from public, lawmakers

Show HN: Fork – a fast and friendly Git client for Mac and Windows

Is My Phone Recording Everything I Say? Researchers Investigate

The Nvidia Titan V Deep Learning Deep Dive: It’s All About the Tensor Cores

You Wouldn’t Steal a Meme: The Threat from Article 13

Facebook is shutting down three apps, including a teen app called tbh

Host plants tell insects when to grow longer wings and migrate

NASA just got closer Ceres than ever before, and here’s what it looks like

A simple distraction-free, no gimmick writing tool

“The rep made it sound like there was free money on the sidewalk each night.”

The Thanos subreddit is gleefully heading for mass slaughter

Cheating Fortnite players are flooding the internet with malware

Netflix Is No. 1 Choice for TV Viewing, Beating Broadcast, Cable and YouTube

Yes you can use challenging vocabulary in a picture book

Unicorn Startup Simulator

PHP Graphic User Interface Library

Google’s DeepMind Taught AI Teamwork by Playing Quake III Arena

Digg v4 Launch Story

Show HN: The easiest way to find domains like “MailChimp” or “TaskRabbit”

Boiling, steaming or rinsing? Physics of the Chinese cuisine

Samsung phones are sending pictures to contacts without users knowing

Lyft and Uber Won’t Be Happy Until They’re Your One-Stop Transit Guide

Samsung phones are spontaneously texting users’ photos to random contacts

How Justin and Daniel Kan’s mom brought them up to build 2B dollar startups

Moves to shut down on July 31st

SICP Goodness – A deep dive into square root procedure

A curated list of websites that accept guest blogs

Data Privacy Policy Must Empower Users and Innovation

Trip report: Summer ISO C++ standards meeting (Rapperswil)

Carnegie Mellon Admission Levels Field by Eliminating Demonstrated Interest

Elon Musk ordered Tesla engineers to stop doing a critical brake test on Model 3

The Rise and Fall of CrossFit’s Science Crusader

MongoDB Blog: Analyzing the interplay between memory, disk, and read performance

Tesla’s factory brought high-paid tech jobs; may have depleted public services

Facebook reveals it gave 61 companies access to widely blocked user data

Serverless Performance: Cloudflare Workers, Lambda and LambdaEdge

Digg’s v4 launch: an optimism born of necessity

Here’s Some Cryptocurrency. Now Please Use It

Facebook reveals it gave 61 companies access to widely blocked user data

When It Comes to Entrepreneurs, Youth Isn’t Everything