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WebSub, open protocol for distributed pub–sub communication on the Internet

Draw This: a polaroid camera that draws cartoons

Einstein Right Again: Even the Heaviest Objects Fall the Same Way

How to crawl a quarter billion webpages in 40 hours (2012)

Remix is hiring Software Engineers to build better public transit and cities

Itty Bitty: Sites contained within their own links

Human ancestors walked on two feet but their children still had a backup plan

GitHub mirror compromise incident report

The Pentagon Is Building a Team of Tech-Savvy Soldiers

WhatsApp sends Cease and Desists for apps that use Android’s APIs to interface

Youtube-dl: Command-line program to download videos

Hawaii moves to ban sale of sunscreens with coral-harming chemicals

Consistency Models

Study shows where the brain transforms seeing into acting

Tezos and Ocaml: A self-amending cryptographic ledger

Learning ‘Montezuma’s Revenge’ from a single demonstration

Augmenting Long-term Memory

The Higgs boson: the hunt, the discovery, the study and some future perspectives

Making calls to WebAssembly fast and implementing anyref

Spanish Wikipedia also shuts down in protest at proposed EU copyright law

Analysis of USB fan given to journalists at North Korea-Singapore Summit [pdf]

NZ Court of Appeal Upholds Kim Dotcom Extradition Decision to the US

GitHub – Creality3DPrinting/Ender-3: A fully Open Source 3D printer

BASHing data: Truncated data items

Polish charity gets huge phone bill thanks to stork

The Future of Computing: Logic or Biology (2003) [pdf]

The relativistic discriminator: a key element missing from standard GAN

The Whole of WordPress Compiled to .NET Core and a NuGet Package with PeachPie

Why standard Indonesian is not spoken throughout Indonesia

Why is Juul worth $16B? It’s more like a cigarette than you think

When Sports Betting Is Legal, the Value of Game Data Soars

Poetry: Python dependency management and packaging made easy

Dawn’s Latest Orbit Reveals Dramatic New Views of Occator Crater

Show HN: Snibox – Self-hosted snippets manager

Show HN: Asciinema casts post-production tools

Show HN: Axax – Async iterator extensions for JavaScript

NES Emulator on the UEFI Shell Running Super Mario Bros [video]

Slow Reading: the antithesis of speed reading

Designing an email-only Slack interface

TclWise: Guide to the Tcl programming language (2004)

If You Say Something Is “Likely,” How Likely Do People Think It Is?

Show HN: Gurn – Use words, not bookmarks

Report: 18% of People in Turkey Own Crypto Compared to 8% in the US

How Browsers’ Explanations Impact Misconceptions About Private Browsing [pdf]

In Q2 2018, Global VC Scales Tipped In Favor Of Chinese Startups Over American

Hybrid Embryos of Near-Extinct Rhino Created in Lab

Humidity in New Jersey impeding radio transmissions and slowing stock trades

Sony posts whole movie on YouTube in trailer’s place

Show HN: (gle) a tiny but completely functional Google searcher lib in python

Battery Fueled by Iron and Water Could Transform the Power Grid

Sperm quality improved by adding nuts to diet, study says

Why Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP) Matters

Is Firefox lying to users about viruses in downloads?

Grand Pwning Unit: Accelerating Microarchitectural Attacks with the GPU

Show HN: mkcert – a zero-config tool to generate development certificates

Capture the Flag: the emergence of complex cooperative agents

Important database news from the last few months

Sensorama for iOS: phone’s sensor data emailed to you a nice JSON (for AI/ML)

Show HN: V2 – The Swiss army knife for designers

A massive object devastated Uranus a long time ago and it never fully recovered

The plurality of uses for hemp

Thanks Economist, You Really Know What Has Gone Wrong with the Internet

’20 pounds of human waste’ dropped on San Francisco street corner

A one word change to the C standard to make undefined behavior sane again

Elon ordered Tesla engineers to stop doing a critical brake test on Model 3s

Gmail messages ’read by human third parties’