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Codius – Open Hosting Protocol

EU copyright law proposal rejected

Job-hopping increases, in possible boon to wage growth and productivity

Walkthrough for Systemd Portable Services

The Lottery Ticket Hypothesis: Finding Small, Trainable Neural Networks

Electricity’s role in the ballooning abilities of spiders

VrankenFuzz – a multi-sensor, multi-generator mutational fuzz testing engine [pdf]

Farmizen lets urbanites play FarmVille on real agricultural land (2017)

The U.S. Air Force learned to code and saved the Pentagon millions

Something about functions in Bash (2017)

Mathematical Metaphysics (2015) [pdf]

Hiring engineers to help change education at Clever (YC S12)

Genann – Simple neural network library in ANSI C

Apple dropping Intel as radio chip supplier, killing off the product – report

GitHub Windows Edition, Custom CSS to Mimick Windows Classic

Show HN: RattlesnakeOS – build and run your own privacy focused Android OS

Deriving the Y Combinator in JavaScript

Hundreds of nuclear blast videos show explosions in the ocean and Nevada desert

Reconciling High-Level Optimizations/Low-Level Code with Twin Memory Allocation [pdf]

Exploring .NET Core platform intrinsics – Viewing the code generated by the JIT

Self-Regulated Learning: Beliefs, Techniques, and Illusions [pdf]

EU parliament calls for Privacy Shield to be pulled until US complies

Pulley Logic Gates (2014) [video]

A Tutorial Introduction to Kubernetes

Celluloid: Actor-based concurrent object framework for Ruby

Top Algorithms/Data Structures/Concepts every comp science student should know

Flaws in diamonds might hold the key to a new type of secure communications

SF hospital charged $15K ‘trauma response fee’ for baby that needed no treatment

Bothersome Bystanders and Self Driving Cars – Rodney Brooks

Facebook labels declaration of independence as ’hate speech’

Two abandoned Soviet space shuttles left in the Kazakh steppe

Show HN: List of macbook alternatives for if you don’t like the new models

Polio eradication: a vaccine we don’t even use anymore is spreading the virus

Alibaba Says Its AI Copywriting Tool Passed the Turing Test

Most of what chimpanzees and humans do today is not directly comparable

How to Grow Old: Bertrand Russell on What Makes a Fulfilling Life

Is Facebook a publisher? In public it says no, but in court it says yes

MIT’s Cheetah 3 robot can run up stairs without watching its steps

The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro (1852)

How BuzzFeed Migrated from a Perl Monolith to Go and Python Microservices

Office 365 phishing emails are because of a tenant to tenant worm

Setting a better standard for job advertising

Databases 101 for the Non-Database Professional

Show HN: Generate your og:images automatically

Show HN: Prevent email forgery in Gmail using a Blockchain-powered architecture

Facebook flags US Declaration of Independence as hate speech – reports

China VC has overtaken Silicon Valley, but do aggregates tell the whole story?

Apple Registers Several New Mac and iPad Models in Eurasia

Show HN: Gaia – Build powerful pipelines in any programming language

Facebook finds Declaration of Independence ’racist’

State of Kotlin 2018

The great illusion of digital currencies

Show HN: GitHub Windows Edition – a bit of nostalgia inspired by a Twitter post

Claude Lanzmann Dies: Director Best Known for Holocaust Documentary ‘Shoah’

Capture the Flag: the emergence of complex cooperative agents

The lead designer of Monument Valley deconstructs his latest game, Florence

Show HN: EasyChords – Web App to learn piano chords fast

Show HN: Lispex, a lisp interpreter in Elixir

German police raid homes of Tor-linked group’s board members