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Show HN: Browsh – A modern, text-based browser

The 111M Record Pemiblanc Credential Stuffing List

What industry has the highest revenue per employee?

How to Analyze Billions of Records per Second on a Single Desktop PC

Historic Tale Construction Kit – Bayeux

Tab (YC W15) is hiring full-stack software developers in London

Heatwave unveils ancient settlements in Wales

The Children of Anaxagoras: Did hands make us human?

CeramicSpeed’s Driven Concept Might Become the Most Efficient Bicycle Drivetrain

Glow: Better Reversible Generative Models

An app that reads Wikipedia to teach you about cities you’re driving through

Lay Out Your Code Like You’d Lay Out Your House

Nissan Admits Internal Emissions-Test Data Was Falsified

Reinforcement learning’s foundational flaw

Meet Your Mappers: A tool to find OpenStreetMap contributors near you

Fun with Macros: If-Let and When-Let

DIA Study: Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and Manipulation of Extra Dimensions (2010)

Oasis Labs: privacy-first high-performance cloud computing on blockchain

The Growth Mindset: How to Measure Your Own Success

UK unveils extensive new plan to go all-electric by 2040

Futhark 0.6.1 released – High-performance functional programming on the GPU

Neuro-Memristive Circuits for Edge Computing: A Review

“World’s most efficient” bicycle drivetrain unveiled at Eurobike

Why a Volcano Is Crucial to This Azorean Chef’s Homestyle Stew

Social and Cultural Aspects of Drinking

Making a low level Linux debugger, part 3: our first program

NLP’s ImageNet Moment: From Shallow to Deep Pre-Training

Trump Supreme Court nominee opposes net neutrality, supports NSA bulk collection

Show HN: Identify a spoken language using a CNN

MoviePass is running out of money and needs to raise $1.2B

Declassified videos of atmospheric nuclear tests (2017)

Gigantic study of Chinese babies yields slew of health data

Towards an optical FPGA – Programmable silicon photonic circuits [pdf]

Microsoft’s Surface Go tablet has a 10-inch screen and starts at $399

Compiling Expressions – Crafting Interpreters

Show HN: Clothes shopping app UI built in React Native

Lunar mystery solved by recovery of lost Apollo mission tapes

60 Years of Urban Change (2015)

Cloudflare Workers is 4.6x faster for CPU-bound tasks than Amazon Lambda

8 Cheap CPUs Tested and Ranked: The Best Processors Under $130,5668.html

Google Is Building a City of the Future – Would Anyone Want to Live There?

When evolution’s path leads to a dead end

DigitalOcean’s quarterly report on developer trends in the cloud

The Influence of Railways on Military Operations in the Russo-German War 1941–45

The Curious Time-Traveling Reverse State Monad

What Went Wrong with the F-35, Lockheed Martin’s Joint Strike Fighter? (2017)

Wordmesh: Using t-SNE and word2vec to generate clustered wordclouds

Show HN: Create an IoT Environmental Sensor with NodeMCU and Lua

ARM: “RISC-V Architecture: Understand the Facts”

Show HN: A prototype of a new visual web scraper project

Topsoil Re-Uptake of CO2 Is a Major Solution to Climate Progression

San Francisco: Where a six-figure salary is ’low income’

Vim.wasm: Vim Ported to WebAssembly

NSHipster – Returning to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

I had to learn assembly language to truly understand my grandfather

YouTube plans to spend $25m fighting fake news. how

NYT: US threatened nations over breastfeeding resolution – CNNPolitics

Consensus in a Box: Inexpensive Coordination in Hardware [pdf]

Show HN: Battle for Planet Isotrident

Firefox for Android enters maintenance phase as team prepares new browser

AT&T’s Big Plan for HBO Is to Fill It with More Random Trash Like Netflix

Minimal Ubuntu, on Public Clouds and Docker Hub

Using FPGA superpowers to speed up cloud workloads with InAccel

I tattooed a set of checkboxes on my hand 2 years ago to help me get shit done

Amazon Lumberyard: A Scream of Anguish

Ubuntu lockscreen bypass by removing hdd, devs say fix unlikely

Show HN: kubectl-tmux-ssh – A kubectl plugin to ssh into kubernetes nodes

Literate programming: Two beefs with the classic version (2014)

Show HN: Flash – Speed Reading Web App Made with React/Next.js

Firefox and the 4yr battle to have Google to treat it as a first-class citizen

Show HN: Find any emails in seconds Https://

Chinese Woman Who Threw Ink on Photo of Xi Jinping Has Disappeared

Optimization Auditing: A Deep Dive into Chrome’s Dev Console

How to Create a Server-Less Google Drive Client Using Only HTML and JavaScript

Browsh: The modern text-based browser

Home insulation in China blamed for rise in emissions of ozone-depleting gas

SF hospital charged $15K ‘trauma response fee’ for baby that needed no treatment

Crypto and venture’s biggest names are backing a new blockchain from Oasis Labs

Fake sultan was scamming a Miami billionaire. Then he ate pork