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Intel to Acquire eASIC: Lower Cost ASICs in FPGA Design Time

Measuring abstract reasoning in neural networks

Running Amiga-like OSes on QEMU

The Shareholder Value Myth (2013)

Optimising a Trebuchet [video]

Computing normals for 3D Bézier curves

Fullstack Academy is looking for developers who love teaching

Cognitive Distortions of People Who Get Stuff Done (2012) [pdf]

Finding and exploiting hidden features of Animal Crossing’s NES emulator

Why Use OpenStreetMap Instead of Google Maps?

The everything-is-a-file principle – Linus Torvalds

Show HN: three-laser-pointer – Interactive laser object for VR-like scenes

Crop circle reveals ancient ‘henge’ monument buried in Ireland

Lisp, Jazz, Aikido – Three Expressions of a Single Essence

Show HN: Router7 – A pure-Go implementation of a small home internet router

Almond – The Open Virtual Assistant

Archaeologists in China Discover the Oldest Stone Tools Outside Africa

Vista Equity Partners revamps software companies by following detailed protocols

Spiffy: Enabling File-System Aware Storage Applications

Metformin in Longevity Study (MILES)

Open source, privacy-enabled smartphone operating systems

The fundamental attribution error (2013)

Apple’s China-friendly censorship caused an iPhone-crashing bug

Show HN: How to make your Python code more idiomatic – 25 tips and tricks

Google Chrome’s new Meltdown and Spectre safeguard is a memory hog

East German Doping Victims Die 10 to 12 Years Earlier – psychologist

Show HN: SESS – Simple Email Sending Service

Cambridge Analytica staff set up new firm

A rescue diver on what it was like to save the Thai boys in the cave

Boron arsenide crystals can dissipate the heat generated in electronic devices

Navy Aims for “Compile to Combat in 24 Hours”

Handy checklist when spinning up a new landing page, e-commerce store, or blog

Maps Of Street Layouts Colored By Orientation (2014)

A Data Science Version Control System

Why WeWork does not deserve a $20bn price tag

How I Manage Resources in Pure C

Donut math: how donut.c works

At Uber, New Questions Arise About Executive Behavior

Why South Korea is ‘crypto crazy’ and what that means for the rest of the world

The Code-Free Developer Interview [YouTube]

‘Downloadable Gun’ Clears a Legal Obstacle, and Activists Are Alarmed

Is Russian mathematical education among the best in the world?

Show HN: Host Tech Events and Hackathons with Ease