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Keeping a plaintext “did” file

Async and Await in Rust: a full proposal

The Easter Island statues may have been ’walked’ to transport them

When You Watch Sports, Your Brain Thinks You’re Playing

Show HN: Font Playground – Play with variable fonts

Judge Orders Los Angeles Times to Delete Part of Published Article

Modern codecs like AV1 can bring better quality video to the open web

Leslie Nielsen’s career got serious when he got the chance to lighten up (2016)

Wehrum, Pennsylvania: A coal mining ghost town hidden in the woods

Showers – 19th century luxury and health

J.C. Bose: 60 GHz in the 1890s

’Free but Not Free’: Zimbabwe’s Amateur Filmmakers Turn a Lens on Their Country

2018 MacBook Pro Review

Open-Source Release Practices (2013)

From Hospital Gowns to Couture: The Unlikely Origins of ’60s Disposable Dresses

PipesFS: Fast Linux I/O in the Unix Tradition (2008)

TherML – Thermodynamics of Machine Learning

Debate about science at organizations like Google Brain/FAIR/DeepMind

NixOS on Prgmr and Failing to Learn Nix

Rabbitc – Micro-container runtime built in Rust

Anarki – Community-managed fork of the Arc dialect of Lisp

Clark Glymour on philosophy and its relation to science

Functional approaches to dependency injection (2016)

How Israel, in Dark of Night, Torched Its Way to Iran’s Nuclear Secrets

Show HN: Qt/Qml support for .NET

Don’t listen productivity gurus: why waking up at 6am won’t make you successful

The key to creating gorgeous, glitchy YouTube images: anticipation and deletion

V8n – Fluent validation library for JavaScript

Social Media’s Dial-Up Ancestor: The Bulletin Board System (2016)

Differential Synchronization (2009)

Speech Intellegibility in Naval Aircraft Radios (1972) [pdf]

Cloudflare, Mozilla, Fastly, and Apple Working on Encrypted SNI

Flexport is hiring software engineers

Scientific Uses of the MANIAC (1986) [pdf]

Archaeologists in Egypt discover mummification workshop

A Tiny, Pure Python Implementation of Gradient Boosted Trees

Does the entorhinal cortex use the Fourier transform? (2013)

How the rich get richer – money in the world economy [video]

Show HN: A Gin middleware for reporting to statsd deamon

Show HN: Pdfvuer: Pdf viewer for Vuejs

In Ireland, Drought and a Drone Revealed the Outline of an Ancient Henge

What Elon Musk Should Learn from the Thailand Cave Rescue

How to Ask Questions the Smart Way (2014)

Show HN: Books2Rec – Machine Learning Meets Reading

India: Google engineer latest victim of mob lynchings fueled by WhatsApp rumors