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Should We Loosen the Restrictions on Psychedelics?

Backblaze Durability Is Eleven 9s – And Why It Doesn’t Matter

The LDC D language compiler can now generate WebAssembly

Getting to Go: Garbage collection and runtime issues

MacOS VPN architecture from System Preferences down to nesessionmanager

Interview with Sam Altman from the High Growth Handbook

Texas Instruments CEO Brian Crutcher resigns for violating code of conduct

WordTsar – A Wordstar clone

MacBook Pro with i9 chip is throttled due to thermal issues, claims YouTuber

Are “jets” a good idea? (2017)

Credit card thieves using free-to-play apps to launder their ill-gotten gains

Mino Games Is Hiring Programmers in Montreal

Reproducible machine learning with PyTorch and Quilt

Google Cloud Global Loadbalancer Outage

Amazon EC2 Instance Update – Faster Processors and More Memory

Designing a Good DSL

Making Games Better for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing [video]

Assembly Language for Beginners [pdf]

Show HN: – Daily email report to help you monitor your AWS cost

How SSH port became 22

Partnerships with people on the spectrum yield rich research insights (2017)

Creating a Unique Beer “Koozie” and Growing to $1.1M/month

Why diagnosing Alzheimer’s today is so difficult, and how we can do better

Show HN: Glycemic load calculator

Morocco’s nutty, decadent spread is made from the prized oil of the argan tree

Prose: a Golang library for text processing

Suspend for the X1 Carbon 2018 on Linux

I built a private car sales search engine. Feedback appreciated

MacBook Pro 15 (2018) – Beware the Core i9

Learning advanced math by drawing, playing with beach balls and knitting

Inventing a Language, from the Guy Who Made Dothraki (2015)

In Blow to Sinclair, F.C.C. Chief Has ‘Serious Concerns’ with Tribune Deal

Build a Realtime Serverless GraphQL API with Websockets on AWS

Federal Reserve chair says decline in workers’ share of profits ’very troubling’

Openbook social network

Cinematography in User Experience Design

Participle: A parser library for Go

Show HN: PageFish search algorithm

Did Qatar pay a billion dollar ransom?

Intel’s High-End Cascade Lake CPUs to Support 3.84 TB of Memory per Socket

Rolls-Royce is developing tiny robots to crawl in and fix airplane engines

Board: only remote developer jobs

Show HN: Hello – A 100% peer-to-peer video chat using WebRTC

Hawaiian Asteroid-Warning Telescope Passes Key Test

Show HN: Libnicko - C library to identify popular file types as fast as possible

Dutch company receives funding for lab-grown meat in restaurants by 2021

We’re Close to a Universal Quantum Computer [video]

Show HN: Daco – Make your webpage free from any bugs

The Logic Puzzle You Can Only Solve with Your Brightest Friend

Astronomers just discovered 12 new moons around Jupiter

Scientist Loses Award After Acceptance Presentation Full of Racy Photos

One ’Oddball’ Among 12 Newfound Moons Discovered Orbiting Jupiter

All about sleep: a complete guide for getting the rest you need

Show HN: Kubernetes-in-Docker – Like dind but with Kubernetes, for CI testing.

New LED Lighting System on Flinders Street Railway Station (Melbourne, AU)

Nigerian artist, age 11, creates incredible hyperreal portraits