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Sony Releases Stacked CMOS Sensor for Smartphones with 48 Effective Megapixels

Pittsburgh Bus Bunching

Dawn of the Microcomputer: The Altair 8800

Intel’s Plans for 3DXP DIMMs Emerge

A Complete Electron Microscopy Volume of the Brain of Adult Fruit Fly

Show HN: Vialer-js – Open-source WebRTC communication platform

Pushing the Limits of Linux Kernel Networking (2015)

Practical homomorphic encryption over integers (2017)

Fran’s Writings on Design and Engineering

An open source platform promoting universal data portability

Study of Thousands of Dropbox Projects Reveals How Successful Teams Collaborate

Model-Free, Model-Based, and General Intelligence [pdf]

Alphabet Announces Second Quarter 2018 Results [pdf]

Xv6, a simple Unix-like teaching operating system

The Next 10 Years Will Be About “Market-Networks”

Gene discovery from a genome-wide association study of educational attainment

Are you an engineer who has built scalable distributed systems. We’re hiring

Russian Hackers Reach US Utility Control Rooms, Homeland Security Officials Say

Google Cloud Launches Blockchain Toolkit for App Developers

Why I can’t recommend Clean Architecture by Robert C Martin

Automatic Algorithms Optimization via Fast Matrix Exponentiation (2015)

Nvidia Can Artificially Create Slow Motion That Is Better Than a 300K FPS Camera

Why We Should Think Twice About Colonizing Space

Internal documents show how Amazon scrambled to fix Prime Day glitches

Chainiac: Software-Update Transparency via Skipchains and Verified Builds [pdf]

Show HN: Personalised tool/advice to help you find a great cofounder – Where programmers share ideas and help each other grow

There’s no way to recover data from the new MacBook Pros

Unusual sound waves discovered in quantum liquids

Devhints: A collection of developer cheatsheets

Whole House Fan and Evaporative Cooler

CRAM: Efficient Hardware-Based Memory Compression for Bandwidth Enhancement

Why fundraising is a terrible experience for founders: Lessons learned

New drug for recurring malaria

Why Some Civil War Soldiers Glowed in the Dark (2012)

Susan Fowler Rigetti to Join Opinion as Technology Editor

ThreatList: A Ranking of Airports by Riskiest WiFi Networks

Propelling deep space flight with new fuel source, Momentus prepares for liftoff

Unauthorized Access to or Acquisition of Chili’s Grill and Bar Guest Data

Automating My Newsletter Generation with MailChimp, Google Sheets and AWS Lambda

Speculation Attacks Using the Return Stack Buffer

An integer formula for Fibonacci numbers (2015)

Evidence for modified gravity is now evidence against it

Show HN: Checklist of over 100 directories to submit your startup

In Mozambique, a Living Laboratory for Nature’s Renewal

Alphabet jumps more than 4 percent after big earnings beat

Finetune: scikit-learn style model finetuning for NLP

A persistent, relational store inspired by Datomic and DataScript

Show HN: Flashcards for Frontend Developers

ELI5: Do animals from different countries understand each other?

Show HN: Geoparsing and Sentiment Analysis of text

Show HN: HEDGEFUN - networking for stock investors

The End Is Near for the Economic Boom

Show HN: YouDupe – Mark YouTube Videos as Duplicate

Brainwashing your wife to want sex? Here is ad tech at its worst