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Zotero: your personal research assistant

Knative – Kubernetes-based platform to manage modern serverless workloads

Portable Cloud Programming with Go Cloud

Violent crime is like infectious disease – and we know how to stop it spreading

Bridging the Gap Between Programming Languages and Hardware Weak Memory Models

“POSIX advisory locks are broken by design”

Intel Begins EOL Plan for Xeon Phi 7200-Series ‘Knights Landing’ Host Processors

Annoyed by Restaurant Playlists, a Master Musician Made His Own

An XMPP/Jabber echo bot written in sed

Commodore 64 SID replacement using a Teensy 3.6

EU fines Asus, Denon-Marantz, Philips and Pioneer $130M for online price fixing

Fero – A secure signing server built around the YubiHSM2

SEC Charges Failed Fyre Festival Founder and Others with $27.4M Offering Fraud

Pointers Are Complicated, Or: What’s in a Byte? Towards a Memory Model for Rust

What could you write down about a juggling pattern? (1993)

Richard Milner on a new U.S. particle accelerator

Hackers Breached Virginia Bank Twice in Eight Months, Stole $2.4M

The Free Stack – Running Your Application for Free on AWS

Missouri disaster: Duck boat’s designer had no engineering training

Live tracking of Amtrak trains

Good news: Your Tesla Model 3 is ready. Bad news: It may take weeks to get fixed

Show HN: Codemason – Deploy and host your apps without the hassle

Departing Facebook security officer advocated for shifts in company’s culture

SEC detects insider trading by executive at Alliance Fiber Optic Products

Recipes for Honey-Drinks in the First Published English Beekeeping Manual

YouTube page load is 5x slower in Firefox and Edge than in Chrome

Big Bang telescope finale marks end of an era in cosmology

The Internet of Snails (2015)

Rescale (YC W12) raises $32M to bring high performance computing to cloud

Show HN: Mandalagaba – Create mandalas and tessellations online

Altair 8800 Simulator

Eben Norton Horsford, baking-powder revolutionary and passionate medievalist

More and More of What We Do Depends on Government Permission

NASA remote sensing toolkit released

Apple Developer CD Codenames (1999)

Young galaxy’s halo offers clues to its growth and evolution

Ernst Dickmanns, a German scientist who developed self-driving cars in the 1980s

Uefi-jitfuck – A JIT Brainfuck compiler running on x86_64 UEFI

Awesome Cold Showers: for when people get too hyped up about things

Engelbart: Developing the Underlying Concepts for Contemporary Computing (1997)

Wave After Wave of Garbage Hits the Dominican Republic

Why I published Venmo users’ “drug” deals on Twitter

Brian Kernighan remembers the origins of ‘grep’


Even more compute shaders (execution units and caches)

China is making electric buses cheap, just like it did for solar panels

CrowTrax: Crow Attacks in Vancouver Interactive Map

Show HN: Pitchenvy – A gallery of the best startup pitch decks

Supercraft: Create and Publish WebVR Sites in VR

SpaceX Preps for Three Block 5 Launches in Just Two Weeks

Meatless burger’s “heme” is safe to eat, regulators say

Next-Gen Nuclear Is Coming–If Society Wants It

Delta and American Airlines say they won’t make their coach seats tighter

Tesla troll/short doxxed and revealed to be heavily invested in oil industry

Game studio Ready at Dawn switching to Rust for all new development

SF Supervisors Move to Ban Workplace Cafeterias

Web DSP audio editor

The World’s Largest Websites Not Redirecting Insecure Requests to HTTPS

Twitter will lock your account if you change your display name to Elon Musk

Russian Hackers Reach US Utility Control Rooms, Homeland Security Officials Say

Eleven babies die after Dutch women given Viagra in drug trial

The Frontpage of Mastodon

The Political Education of Silicon Valley

Competitive Programmer’s Handbook (2017) [pdf]

MacBook Pro throttling not a CPU issue, but rather power throttling of the VRM

Macbook Pro 2018: Optimal CPU Tuning Settings for I9 MBP to Stop VRM Throttling

Apple Addresses MacBook Pro Throttling Controversy

Apple Says MacBook Pro Throttling Is a Bug, Fix Available Now in MacOS Update