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Implementing Neural Turing Machines

Electronic Circuit Simulator in the Browser

Facebook stock drops more than 20% after revenue forecast misses

The security model of WebAssembly

GlaxoSmithKline makes $300M investment in 23andMe, forms 50-50 R&D pact

Liquid water ’lake’ revealed on Mars

Global variables are bad (2013)

Scale API is hiring engineers to build human perception as a service

Secret History of Silicon Valley (2009)

Removing jQuery from frontend

Address Verification and Full PGP Support

Jane Austen’s First Buyer Was Probably a Prince She Hated

Effects of Pervasive Encryption on Operators

Show HN: CSS Scan – Instantly check or copy computed CSS from any element

A learning platform to teach the Ada and SPARK programming languages

Not all bugs are worth fixing and that’s okay

VLC is blacklisting recent Huawei devices to combat negative app reviews

Google Unveils Titan Security Key, a Yubico-Like Phishing Resistant 2FA Device

Is America Encouraging the Wrong Kind of Entrepreneurship? (2017)

Toward a Secure Electrical Grid – The UCSB Current

The Site Reliability Workbook: Practical Ways to Implement SRE [pdf]

Intel Ditching Hyper-Threading with New Core I7-9700k Coffee Lake Processor

Show HN: Haml-rs – Haml parser in Rust

“We are now encrypting over 100M domains”

Modern C++ for C Programmers: part 5

Edge TPU – Run Inference at the Edge

Show HN: Termly – Free Policy Generators for Websites and Mobile Apps

The story of the Avignon papacy and an acclaimed Rhône wine

Uber can’t keep down accusations of “vomit fraud” against its drivers

Court: Native American tribe can’t be a “sovereign” shield during patent review

Mozilla plans to remove RSS feed reader and Live Bookmarks support from Firefox

JSBeeb – JavaScript BBC Micro Emulator

Show HN: Svgurt – Transform images into SVGs

A journey to the underwater volcanoes where life may have erupted (2015)

Efficiently Generating a Number in a Range

Renowned Hacker Arrested for Cracking Denuvo Anti-Piracy Tech

SpaceX lands Falcon 9 booster on Just Read the Instructions drone ship

’The discourse is unhinged’: how the media gets AI alarmingly wrong

San Francisco Weighs Ban on Employee Cafeterias

San Francisco looks to ban free lunch at tech companies

The Trolley Problem: New Seattle Streetcars May Not Fit on Tracks

Google Glass Is Back – Now with Artificial Intelligence

Toronto adds more tech jobs than Silicon Valley in past 5 years

New study blaming warming on disrupted Atlantic flow has scientists “grumpy”

China Said to Quickly Pull Approval for New Facebook Venture

Custom mechanical keyboards

Google adds machine-learning capabilities to its BigQuery cloud data warehouse

I Know What You Did Last Month: A New Artifact of Execution on MacOS 10.13

Facebook misses on topline in Q2; stock crashes 7.5%

The ’Guerrilla’ Wikipedia Editors Who Combat Conspiracy Theories

15 Years of SparkFun

The Lost Kingdom: World’s first text adventure game written in Brainfuck

Chrome 68 Released: HTTP Sites Marked as “Not Secure”

Show HN: Zeu.js – UI components for building real-time TV dashboard

How Silicon Valley Nonprofits Lure Tech Donors

A California DMV employee who napped at work every day for 3 hours

United CEO refused to do an interview about how bad coach seats are

Twitter locks your account if you change your display name to Elon Musk

Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible at Scale?

Trump’s “Hire American” order makes it harder to get H-1B visas

Mozilla exec says Google slowed YouTube down on non-Chrome browsers

Cloud Build – Automated builds for continuous integration