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Tom Tryniski digitized nearly 50M pages of newspapers in his living room

A Pamphlet against R: Computational Intelligence in Guile Scheme (2016)

Iran’s Wolf Wall, Second-Longest in the World, Is Still Shrouded in Mystery

In India, Summer Heat May Soon Be Literally Unbearable

Macbook eGPU Redux: Sticking a GTX 1080 in an AKiTiO Thunder2

‘Lopping,’ ‘Tips’ and the ‘Z-List’: Bias Lawsuit Explores Harvard’s Admissions

Refresh: concept for a new kind of web browser

A Z80 from the Ground Up (2014)

Dying Alone in Japan: The Industry Devoted to What’s Left Behind

Code with Mu: a simple Python editor for beginner programmers

A Spectre is Haunting Unicode

Going sponsor-free – 3blue1brown

Signaling in tech is some fucked up shit (2016)

Setting Up a Fast, Comprehensive Search Routine with PostgreSQL

Linqit – forget about python lists

Show HN: Alzheimer password generator

The False Tale of Amazon’s Industry-Conquering Juggernaut

Tsundoku: The art of buying books and never reading them

Cam girls: Meeting the women who do sex work via webcam – The Spinoff

Light Painting Machine [video]

BuildZoom is hiring – Help us build and remodel houses around America

When conductor and soloist clash, a performance can turn into a contest of wills

Remote Spectre exploits demonstrated

In tech, retaliation for speaking up about workplace discrimination is common

Show HN: Listen to Curated Playlist

After 48, you’re less likely to get jobs in Silicon Valley, report finds (2017)

Deep learning and free software

Bandit Algorithms

Inducing People’s Employers to Fire Them Should Be a Civil Wrong

Journey into the World’s First Underwater Farm

Bad at whiteboard puzzles? You can still get a programming job

Another ICO Hacked: KICKICO Loses $8M After Smart Contract Breach

A sysadmin’s guide to Ansible: How to simplify tasks

The Rolling Motion of a Half-Full Beer Can (1996) [pdf]

Tapping into the power grid could predict the morning traffic

Test Driven Development in Rust

How an Ex-Cop Rigged McDonald’s Monopoly Game and Stole Millions

CloudFlare uses lava lamps as a part of a random number generator

Google unveils tiny new AI chips for on-device machine learning – The Verge

Show HN: Safe CarTech – A rear collision prevention system

Show HN: How to find a great non-technical cofounder

Did China think Donald Trump was bluffing on trade? How Beijing got it wrong

QED – an interactive textbook

First Successful Test of Einstein’s General Relativity Near Massive Black Hole

Google takes on Yubico and builds its own hardware security keys

The physics of baking good pizza (PDF/arXiv)