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A bootable CD image with a retro game in a single tweet

Most Remote Spots in USA Wilderness Complexes

Taskbook: Like Trello but for the Terminal

Faust: Stream Processing for Python

Waymo’s Self-Driving Cars Are Near: Meet a Teen Who Rides One Every Day

Museum of ZZT

Do Not Read: Restricted collections in remarkable libraries

Quirk: Quantum Circuit Simulator

Guilded (YC S17) is hiring senior full-stack engineers to connect gaming teams

Windows NT and VMS: The Rest of the Story (1998)

That $35 that scientific journals charge goes 100% to publisher, 0% to authors

Federal Judge: Albuquerque’s Asset Forfeiture is Unconstitutional

Multiple-Image Network Graphics and how it came to be

Better slow than sorry – VirtualBox 3D acceleration considered harmful

Lennon or McCartney? Can statistical analysis solve an authorship puzzle?

Show HN: Make a business model canvas in your browser

Steven Johnson on “Spacewar” [video]

Shenandoah GC: What We Know in 2018 [video]

Teleport 2.7 Released: Improved Performance, Compliance and SCP for Web UI

Thermodynamics of stochastic Turing machines (2015)

Porting Coreboot to the 51NB X210

Plate tectonics not needed to sustain life

Ferret: a Lisp implementation for real time embedded control systems

Fastcat – A Faster `cat` Implementation Using Splice

Composing Programs – An introduction to programming in the tradition of SICP

Lithography for robust and editable atomic-scale silicon devices and memories

Why ‘resilient dyslexics’ have good reading comprehension

The ArdaCraft project seeks to recreate Tolkien’s Middle-earth in Minecraft

Trump to propose 25 percent tariff on $200B of Chinese imports

Ticketing App AXS Scrapes Everything It Can Get from Your Phone

Your Friendly Guide to Colors in Data Visualisation

Open source Infrastructure as Code tutorial

Dell XPS 13 Kabylake Makes for a Great Linux Laptop

Petition to open source Flash and Shockwave spec

Japanese company giving employees who don’t smoke 6 extra vacation days (2017)

Why Did Anyone Think MoviePass Could Have Worked?

Designing a Car Trash Can and Making $15k/month

Layers of the South Pole of Mars

The Xbox Adaptive Controller’s package design is just as accessible

Forget joysticks, use your torso to pilot drones

The U.S.’s 2.5 billion pounds of surplus meat, visualized

OpenNMT: Open Source Neural Machine Translation in Torch

Finding links between the Standard Model of particle physics and the octonions

Application-Level Optimization of Big Data Transfers [pdf]

Equifax’s Security Overhaul, a Year After Its Epic Breach

Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All plan: US would actually be saving money

How we scaled Nginx and saved the world 54 years every day

How to Buy a Cheap Gaming Laptop: 7 Essential Tips

Show HN: – an ultra simple SMS notepad

Segway’s New Electric Skates Are the Latest Volley in the Scooter Wars

Kahn Academy for Kids

Show HN: Makerlog, a dead-simple task log for makers

Think Tank Finds “Medicare for All” Would Cut Health Care Spending, Raise Wages

James Mickens: Blockchains Are a Bad Idea (video, 14:33)

Vaccine-refusing community drove outbreak that cost $395K, sickened babies

Taskbook – Trello for your Terminal

Mermaidjs: create diagrams and flowcharts from text

How Robot Hands Are Evolving to Do What Ours Can

Deep Fakes: A Looming Challenge for Privacy, Democracy, and National Security