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JPL Open-Source Rover Project Based on the Rovers on Mars

A Ray-Tracing Pioneer Explains How He Stumbled into Global Illumination

In Pursuit of Production Minimalism

The BASIC Engine

Developments in tech in Toronto over the past seven years

Show HN: I trained a neural network to learn Arabic morphology

Fred Turner: Silicon Valley Thinks Politics Doesn’t Exist

How to explain infinity to kids

Relationship Hero (YC S17) Is Hiring Relationship Coaches – Remote

Show HN: Standup tool that works like Snapchat stories for remote teams

The art of stealing

Ransom: Routing Around Nation-States

Handshake: An experimental peer-to-peer root DNS

Python’s Meta-Object Protocol (2012) [pdf]

Logic Programming and Compiler Writing (1980) [pdf]

The Hacker’s Diet (2005)

Logitext – An educational proof assistant for first-order classical logic

A Brief History of the BEAM Compiler

Our Logo Looks Like Underpants: A Case Study in Internationalization (2013)

Show HN: DomTerm – a web-based rich terminal emulator and console

As Google Maps Renames Neighborhoods, Residents Fume

Relation between alcohol consumption in midlife and dementia in late life

A material found to carry current in a way never before observed

Wikipedia bans agenda-driven editor, but punishes the messenger too

Show HN: Life – A secure, blazing-fast, cross-platform WebAssembly VM in Go

Show HN: Wikipedia2Vec – A tool for learning embeddings of words and entities

CCleaner v5.45 Introduces Data Collection with No Way to Opt-Out

Build a Simple CRUD App with Angular 6 and ASP.Net Core 2.1

CPU cache misconceptions, and the MESI cache coherence protocol

Cisco plans to acquire cybersecurity firm Duo Security for $2.35B

A Twitch channel to learn about creating AI game bots

The Surface Go reviews are in, and… they’re a bit all over the place

Show HN: Create sketchy, hand-drawn version of image in browser with WebAssembly

Newsrooms must stand up to targeted campaigns of harassment

The Education of Dasmine Cathey (2012)

Show HN: Bloqly - write Smart Contracts in JavaScript

Monads: A useful tool for the working programmer?

Compiling Lambda Calculus

Mysterious dry paths on farms caused by old boundaries / ruins

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

How much you have to earn to be in the top 0.01% in every US state

Dollar stores are thriving – but are they ripping off poor people?

Apple shuts App Store affiliate program, imperiling recommendation sites

Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t

AWS Cloud Development Kit

Show HN: View random tweets from the Russian “trolls”

Eden: a Lua-based scripting language in Clojure

The fightback against the Bitcoin energy guzzlers has begun

What Those Secret Rubber Flaps Behind Your Rear Bumper Are For

An Emacs major mode for Hledger

Apple’s Board Says Tim Cook Has to Fly Private from Now On (2017)

Huawei Cloud FPGA Development Kit

Bridging the gap between low-level and high-level JavaScript Chart libraries

Arithmetica – Decentralized Computational Math Platform

Show HN: I opensourced my distributed cron SaaS when no one signed up

AAPL hits $1T market cap according to Apple’s own Stocks app, but it is wrong

Help a Scientist – Contribute to a scientific project in spare time

LeBron James funds a new STEM-focused public school for at-risk kids

Almost 70% of Millennials Regret Buying Their Homes

Handshake: An experimental peer-to-peer root DNS

Apple is first public company worth $1 trillion

Father has 3 minutes to say goodbye after objecting to daughter’s organ donation