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Filament: Physically-based rendering engine

Learning from Terminals to Design the Future of User Interfaces

The default OpenSSH key encryption is worse than plaintext

Things they don’t teach you running a business by yourself

ThinkPad X220 MacOS High Sierra Installation

Systemisers are better at maths

Show HN: Polyhedra Viewer

YouTube Stars Turning Viewers Into Readers

The GENTLE Compiler Construction System

A Linux Auditd Rule Set Mapped to MITRE’s Attack Framework

Indigenous community built a DIY drone to fight off illegal loggers (2016)

Kitten Programming Language

Why Westerners Fear Robots and the Japanese Do Not

JEP draft: Type operator expressions in the JVM

How Numba and Cython speed up Python code

The Round Houses, or Tulou’s, of Southern China (2012)

Periodic fasting starves cisplatin‐resistant cancers to death

Show HN: A map that shows you how far you can go for a given time or distance

Firefox removes RSS support

Show HN: Shade – a quick-and-dirty glsl prototyping tool

Should computer science researchers disclose negative social consequences?

Loop Recognition in C++/Java/Go/Scala (2011) [pdf]

Progressive Neural Architecture Search

Children learn best when engaged in the living world, not on screens

OPDS – A standard for digital content distribution

AMD Creates Quad Core Zen SoC with 24 Vega CUs for Chinese Consoles

3M Knew About the Dangers of PFOA and PFOS Decades Ago, Internal Documents Show

Spotify GDPR data export: user receives 250MB containing every interaction

Rescale (YC W12) Is Hiring a Senior Front end Engineer

George P. Shultz on the Future of the International System [video]

Trash piles up in US as China closes door to recycling

Scientists present concept for the elimination of traffic jams

HP Ink Printers Remote Code Execution

Show HN: HugeGraph – An open source fast and highly scalable graph database

Why Are Spaces in Science Fiction Not Wheelchair-Accessible?

Apple’s $1T Milestone Reflects Rise of Powerful Megacompanies

California’s Birds Are Testing New Survival Tactics on a Vast Scale

Reddit reinvents the chat room with subreddit chat

Bob Beck: Adventures in OpenBSD Pledge – BSDCan 2018 (video)

Xenko game engine 3.0 is now free and open-source

Doing Windows, Part 7: Third Time’s the Charm

Google Is Still Planning ‘Smart City’ in Toronto Despite Major Privacy Concerns

Google struggles to contain uproar over China censorship plans

Go checkout Andrew Moore’s slides on statistics

DOJ and FCC request Supreme Court vacate 2016 net neutrality ruling

Is This an Image? Or Is It a Gun?

New FPGA Development Boards Supported with Open Source Tools

BBB gives fake Hamas “business” an a rating, charges for higher ratings

A surprising campus free speech problem: left-wingers fired for their opinions

The life of the doctor called to perform at the Hamilton-Burr duel

Google reportedly in talks to bring its Cloud service to China

Faced with Scala 2 and Scala 3, a long time contributor makes a choice

Reflection on one-year usage of OpenBSD

Cookie policy notifications have ruined user experience on the web

Show HN: A mobile HTML editor that sucks less than all the others

Amazon pays £1.7m corporation tax in the UK

Commit Often, Perfect Later, Publish Once: Git Best Practices

A massive new study confirms a national energy grid would pay for itself

C# beats Java in 9 out of 10 benchmarks (benchmarks game)

Epic CEO labels Google Play 30% revenue share “disproportionate”

3M Knew About the Dangers of PFOA and PFOS Decades Ago

South Korea’s spy cam porn epidemic

ICE Announces Bakkt, a Global Platform and Ecosystem for Digital Assets

Confirmed: Fortnite on Android will drive its bus past Google’s 30% cut

Nuitka: A Python compiler

Apple Is Worth $1Tn. Two Decades Ago, It Was Almost Bankrupt

What Happened When I Tried Talking to Twitter Abusers

Google maps is now a sphere Https://