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What did Earth look like X million years ago?

How Does Mastodon Work?

Algorithm recovers speech from a potato-chip bag filmed through glass (2014)

FxSolver – A solver for engineering and scientific equations

Doing Windows, Part 7: Third Time’s the Charm

Deep Space Network Now: Status of communications with our deep space explorers

Gear Review: Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

Chess over ActivityPub

PgModeler – PostgreSQL Database Modeler

I’m a very slow thinker (2016)

Show HN: ASCII line chart with console, HTML and image outputs, written in PHP

Freeing the Web from the Browser

Repo-security-scanner:CLI tool finds secrets accidentally committed to Git repo

Scream – virtual network sound card for Windows

A Retiree Discovers an Elusive Math Proof (2017)

For progress to be by accumulation and not random walk, read great books (2010)

Why in Hong Kong people choose to sleep at McDonald’s instead of going home

OpenAI bots competing against Humans right now

Show HN: PJON v11.1 an independent, decentralized, open-source protocol

Kernels, a free hosted Jupyter notebook environment with GPUs

Usenet – A worldwide distributed discussion system

The Tox project

Scientists have successfully transplanted a bioengineered lung into a pig

Mechanical Characterization of Structured Sheet Materials

Exercise to improve hunchback posture forward head carriage correction

Scorching Summer in Europe Signals Long-Term Climate Changes

Historical collections reveal patterns of diffusion of sweet potato in Oceania

The Computer Chronicles – Microchip Technology (1983) [video]

Firefox’s Trusted Recursive Resolver DNS feature is dangerous


Flexport just passed Fedex and UPS in ocean freight – now hiring

Some Reflections on Musical and Legal Interpretation

Learn JSON Web Token(JWT) in 10 Minutes

Vietnam War Deserters Who Sought Asylum in Sweden

Wells Fargo says hundreds of customers lost homes after computer glitch

FidoNet – A worldwide low-bandwidth distributed discussion system

WireGuard: Next Generation Kernel Network Tunnel [pdf]

Small height evolved twice on ’Hobbit’ island of Flores

Imagvue: An image processing component for Vue.js

Error Beneath the WAVs (follow-up to “Why I Ripped the Same CD 300 Times”)

Pygmy: Open-source URL shortener in Python

The Soundtrack of Your Life: Muzak in the realm of retail theatre (2006)

Show HN: HashKV-4.6× throughput than key-value separation design [pdf]

How I slashed a SQL query’s runtime with two Unix commands

Machinery: an asynchronous task/job queue based on distributed message passing

Can we decentralize the Web?

OpenAI plays DOTA against former professionals in an hour

Tech Billionaires Hack Their Taxes with a Philanthropic Loophole

Why so many poor kids who get into college don’t end up enrolling

Show HN: Full-text search with 16-bit vector space index and HTTP API

Has AI surpassed humans at translation? No – here’s why

Show HN: I made which lists the best countries to immigrate

Disney’s streaming service: all the news and updates on Netflix rival

My terrifying deep dive into one of Russia’s largest hacking forums

Venezuela President Maduro ’survives drone attack’

Pgmetrics – open-source PostgreSQL metrics tool

Why Religious Health Care Restrictions Often Take Patients by Surprise

Colaboratory, a free cloud based Jupyter notebook environment requires no setup

To Persuade Someone, Look Emotional