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Speech-to-Text Benchmark: Framework for benchmarking speech-to-text engines

Plan to replicate 50 high-impact cancer papers shrinks to just 18

What happens when you ask people to draw a bike (2016)

Very few owners of Alexa-powered devices use them for shopping

Decentralized Identifiers – DIDs

Let’s Encrypt Root Trusted by All Major Root Programs

Show HN: – Quiz Game for Learning Electronic Dance Music Styles

Categorifying cardinal arithmetic [pdf]

The Byzantine Generals Problem (1982) [pdf]

The Structure of Stand-Up Comedy

Horrors of Using Azure Kubernetes Service in Production

Rainway takes a game running on one system and streams it to another device

Show HN: Inko – A safe and concurrent object-oriented programming language

A Couple of Meta-Interpreters in Prolog

How the New England town became the mythical landscape of American democracy

Submittable (YC S12) Is Hiring a Product Designer in Missoula, Montana

A Decade of Lattice Cryptography (2016) [pdf]

A carb called fructan may be the culprit behind gluten sensitivity

If Google bows to China’s censorship, it will put tech giant on a slippery slope

Nile: decentralized, commission-free, local-economy focused Amazon alternative

Cities’ Offers for Amazon Base Are Secrets Even to Many City Leaders

Information Civics: Deconstructing Power Structures of Social Computing Networks

Boston-area startups are on pace to overtake NYC venture totals

Facebook has asked U.S. banks to share financial information about customers

Linux Kernel TCP Implementation Vulnerable to Denial of Service

Typegram – Platform for writers and their subscribers with a minimalistic design

Deploying TLS 1.3 at scale with Fizz, a performant open source TLS library

Judge in AT&T Case Ignored ‘Economics and Common Sense,’ Government Says

Chinese Billionaire Building $300M Cryptocurrency Hub in Hartford, CT

Catching Cheating Servers in Decentralized Storage Networks

Using the Z80 Instruction Exerciser (2011)

The PowerPC 600 series, part 1: Introduction

iOS 12 uses Lua code downloaded from Apple’s servers

Google Drops Plan for Speck Encryption in Android

Show HN: A raytracer to shade and visualize topographic maps in R, part 3

Helm – a free polyphonic synth with lots of modulation

Iterative methods done right (life’s too short to write for-loops)

The AMD Threadripper 2 Teaser: Pre-Orders Start Today, Up to 32 Cores

On Dollar Slices, Pizza Vectors, Prosciutto Zones and Topping Hyperspace

The Scheme Machine (1994) [pdf]

West Virginia to introduce mobile phone voting for midterm elections

SF’s housing market is so out of control, 60% of tech workers can’t afford homes

Pigments were historically used as medicines

Hyperledger – Linux’s open source approach to blockchain building

All-optical machine learning using diffractive deep neural networks

The Power of Prolog: An Introduction to Modern Prolog

Study Finds Increased Incarceration Has Marginal-To-Zero Impact on Crime

Senate Democrats Are Circulating Plans for Government Takeover of the Internet

Android 9 Pie:Powered by AI for a smarter, simpler experience that adapts to you

Show HN: CPoW: Constrained Proof of Work (section 2)

Why Is Facebook Audience Network a Secret to Investors Post-GDPR?

Please Welcome Lenovo to the LVFS (Linux Vendor Firmware Service)

Kernagic: a semi-automatic tool for spacing fonts

Thorium power has a protactinium problem – Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Show HN: Termtosvg – record terminal sessions as SVG animations

MoviePass keeps plan at $10, but limits subscribers to three movies a month

Meteor Made 2.1 Kiloton Explosion Over US Air Force Base Thule, Greenland

Show HN: Frontend microservices framework for scalable and blazing fast websites

Conneticut exhibition: see some of the world’s earliest photographs [video]

Space Station Experiment Reaches Ultracold Milestone

One potential vulnerability per 4 KLOC of Android С++ source code

pH7Builder: An Open Source Social Dating CMS

Show HN: Monitor your charging status and battery level

Plain old untrendy troubles and emotions (2008)

Microwave oven to blame for mystery signal that left astronomers stumped (2015)

Green and Clean: How to Make Programming Assignments

Show HN: Radial Color Picker – mobile-friendly picker for your next Vue.js app

Favioli: Replace blank tab icons with unique per-domain emoji to stay productive

July’s Internet Disruptions: fiber cuts, power outages, and government direction

How Tech Billionaires Hack Their Taxes with a Philanthropic Loophole

Cop Who Made Child Porn and Put It on Dark Web Disturbingly Doesn’t Go to Jail

YouTube Bans Alex Jones, Following Facebook’s and Apple’s Lead

Atmospheric carbon last year reached levels not seen in 800,000 years

YouTube, Apple and Facebook Ban InfoWars, Which Decries ’Mega Purge’