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New York Times Co. Reports $24M Profit, Thanks to Digital Subscribers

Utah expands public transportation with rapid bus transit, free until 2021

The terrible ’what if’: how OCD makes every day a matter of life or death

Tomu, a tiny ARM microprocessor which fits in your USB port

A timesyncd total failure and systemd’s complete lack of debugability

Show HN: NES Party – Online Multiplayer NES Emulator Using WebRTC

A Comcast Security Flaw Exposed Millions of Customers’ Personal Information

The Secret API of Banks

Holloway Guide to Equity Compensation

Hyperpolyglot: Lisp

Clear defensive programming with Go using Verifier library

First “Photos” of Ocean Carbon Molecules Hold Clues to Future Warming is now open source

The Weight of Numbers: Air Pollution and PM2.5

Show HN: Pts.js – A library for visualization and creative coding

Shannon Labs – $100,000 Fellowship to support independent researchers

F1 Query: Declarative Querying at Google Scale [pdf]

EasyPost is hiring everyone

Stacked Borrows: an aliasing model for Rust

Filter Before You Parse: Faster Analytics on Raw Data with Sparser

Show HN: An online drawing tool that lets you change colors via MIDI controller

Systemd’s DynamicUser feature is (currently) dangerous

A little bump in the wire that makes your [bufferbloated] Internet faster

Uber Hit with Cap as New York City Takes Lead in Crackdown

‘I went straight to Hell’: Philip K. Dick did Not like LSD

µUBSan: clean-room reimplementation of the Undefined Behavior Sanitizer runtime

The T Project (2010)

Day 10 is live #100daysofML

Go 1.11beta3 is in average 11x faster for crypto/tls benchmarks on ARM64

Show HN: Extension to highlight and tag users on Hacker News

TypeScript is nearly half as popular as JavaScript for React apps

Neuromorphic computing with multi-memristive synapses [pdf]

Sharding Your Data with PostgreSQL 11

Darwin/macOS emulation layer for Linux

EPA docs don’t show any scientific evidence for Scott Pruitt’s climate claims

Laziness Does Not Exist but unseen barriers do

Is Silicon Valley’s giant foundation just hoarding money?

Show HN: – Open compensation data by company and level

Memory-efficient quantum circuit simulator in JavaScript

Audius is building a decentralized Soundcloud to help musicians get paid faster

Unraveling the mysteries of megadrought

DECENT – DEcryption Contract ENforcement Tool [pdf] (2016)

Firefox Offers Recommendations with Latest Test Pilot Experiment: Advance

Bail has become a way to lock up the poor regardless of guilt or threat

HHVM JIT: A profile-guided, region-based compiler for PHP and Hack

XKCD: Voting software

The Places in America Where Most Income Goes to Rent

Going Serverless: From Common Lisp and CGI to AWS Lambda and API Gateway

Magic Leap One is available to creators in cities across the contiguous US

US invaded by savage tick that sucks animals dry, spawns without mating

Prognostication and Risk Factors for Cystic Fibrosis via Machine Learning

Design Thinking: B2 APIs and the Hidden Costs of S3 Compatibility

Chinese intellectual fears China will be cast back to terrifying days of Mao

Show HN: MATHC – new version of pure C math library for 2D and 3D programming

How China is spending billions to build one of the most advanced police states

YouTube is about to pass Facebook as the second biggest website in US

Snapchat Source Code GitHub Leak Caused by Bad iOS Update

SpiderOak warrant canary to be replaced by ’transparency report’

What’s New with TensorFlow? (Cloud Next ’18)

Chrome now using native Windows 10 notifications, Action Center

Apple Patent Turns Car Windscreen into Giant Augmented Reality Screen

EU taking another look at phone chargers because they’re still not standardized

Marissa Mayer: How to make the star employees you need

Beyond Coding Bootcamp – A DIY Guide to Learning SW Dev Without College

Twilio stock soars to all-time high after posting earlier than expected profit

Inside Google’s Effort to Develop a Censored Search Engine in China

Show HN: My personal website

Choosing a Linux Distro for Your PC in 2018

The universe’s rate of expansion is disputed and we need new physics to solve it

Why China will beat the West in the deadly race for AI weapons UK

New StackOverflow code of conduct

The Largest US Trading Partners All Put Higher Tariffs on the US Than Vice Versa

Making the Julia test-debug cycle more efficient

Greenland Is No Longer Larger Than Africa: GoogleMaps Drops Mercator Projections

Twitter suspends Ron Paul Institute executive’s account and others

User banned from Das Keyboard forums for telling people of open-source drivers

List of Websites not available in the EU because of GDPR

Internal Facebook Note: Here Is a “Psychological Trick” to Target Teens

Gatekeepers or Censors? How Tech Manages Online Speech

Patrick Stewart stuns fans with ’Star Trek’ return

Magic Leap One: Creator Edition