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Bash Infinity: Standard library and boilerplate framework for Bash

Chemists discover how blue light speeds blindness

Mini antimatter accelerator could rival the likes of the Large Hadron Collider

Coroner letters changed habits of doctors whose patients died of overdoses

Organic solar cells set ’remarkable’ energy record

Show HN: Retool – build internal tools faster

Humans May Have Reached North America by More Than One Route

Christopher Domas: Hardware Backdoors in X86 CPUs

How Globalization Has Broken the Chain of Responsibility

IPOs are expensive and cumbersome – Try a direct listing, like we did at Spotify

ROCA vs. ROBOT: An Eternal Golden Braid

Understanding Simpson’s Paradox (2013) [pdf]

The next 700 programming languages (1966) [pdf]

Show HN: I built Analytics for my Ghost blog

Visual Cheatsheet for CSS Grid Layout

A Guide to Python’s Magic Methods (2012)

Smoking around the world

Librem 5 general development report

Leibniz’s Explanation of Binary Arithmetic (1701)

The problem isn’t just Cambridge Analytica or FB, it’s “surveillance capitalism”

Baltimore police will pay consultant $176k to maintain Lotus Notes system

The financial mistakes behind why a startup laid off 400 employees overnight

Getting Alexa to Respond to Sign Language Using Your Webcam and TensorFlow.js

Show HN: Making ASP.NET Core MVC Apps into Single Page Apps Using AppRun

BBC websites blocked in China after security change

Cancer cell lines evolve in ways that affect how they respond to drugs

Facebook has ended the ability to automatically post Tweets to profiles or pages

Rudolf Diesel Patents a new Internal Combustion Engine (1898) [pdf]

Coalition of 40+ Tech Companies Endorse MANRS Routing Security Actions

Show HN: A parser for sqlite databases to implement full ALTER TABLE support

The Robustness Principle Reconsidered (2011)

Tesla board to meet about going private, may ask Musk to recuse himself

New organic battery can operate for decades

Astronomers report the most distant radio galaxy ever discovered

Zipf’s Law in Passwords [pdf]

How a batch system watches your processes and why it’s so bad at it (2011)

“What Have We Done?”: Silicon Valley Engineers Fear They’ve Created a Monster

Taking an Ancestry Test Could Make It Harder to Buy Life Insurance

Microsoft is quietly merging Office code into their react-native-macos repo

Show HN: Foxr – Puppeteer-Like Selenium-Free Node.js API to Control Firefox

IBM-Maersk blockchain alliance cuts oceanic shipping times by 40%

“Common view” that Japanese are typically collectivists is not supported by data

Galaxy Note 9 Benchmarked: iPhone X Is Still Faster,news-27773.html

How to crash an email server with a single email

How Florida’s Prisons and DRM Made $11.3M Worth of Prisoners’ Music Disappear

Piping Botnet – Turning Green Technology into a Water Disaster

A Type of Simulation Which Some Experimental Evidence Suggests We Don’t Live In [pdf]

Predicting Expressive Speaking Style from Text in End-To-End Speech Synthesis

Show HN: ResponsiveDevices.css – responsive device frames for your demo page

Vintage Computer Festival 2018 pictures

Azure Will Suspend’s Hosting If They Don’t Remove 2 Posts

My closing keynote from the second Decentralized Web Summit

Dan Abramov’s Scalable file structure for React and other projects

60 percent of tech workers say they can’t afford a home in the Bay Area

Implementation of adversarial attacks and defences

Utilizing video memory for system swap

AI can now tell your boss what skills you lack–and how you can get them

The (negative) mass of sound

Astrophysicists discover that ultrahot planets have starlike atmospheres

Google Hacker Asks Tim Cook to Donate $2.5M in Unpaid iPhone Bug Bounties

RISC-V Executive Director, Rick O’Connor, Interview and Booth Tour

Online daters aim ’out of their league,’ says study

Show HN: GitAuthors – A GitHub contributors page for the command line

Smart city systems are riddled with critical security vulnerabilities

New MPI scandal: World’s top empathy researcher accused of mistreating employees

Show HN: Rotten Tomatoes for Amazon products

Trump Wants You to Choose a Space Force Logo for the Merch He’ll Sell You

A new pacemaker hack puts malware directly on the device

Learn State Machines

California teacher pension debt overwhelms school budgets

The Internet Trolls Have Won. Sorry, There’s Not Much You Can Do

Over 1,000 US news sites still unavailable in EU following GDPR

Venezuela: The Price of Bitcoin Doubling Every 18 Days

Show HN: Rocket – a language that lets you focus on your business logic