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From Father to Son, Last Words to Live by (2007)

Real-Time Grass and Other Procedural Objects on Terrain (2015)

In a Town of 11 People, Mysterious Disappearance Turns Neighbor Against Neighbor

Academic Torrents – Making 27TB of research data available

AssemblyAI: speech-to-text API

δ-presence, for when being in the dataset is sensitive

Social Innovation from the Inside Out (2014)

Twisting Stacked Graphene Reveals Potentially Powerful Superconducting Behavior

What is Intel’s Thunderbolt 3 dual port controller’s total bandwidth?

The Fall of Schlitz: How Milwaukee’s Famous Beer Became Infamous (2010)

Fully digital valves open up engine possibilities

Deep learning to predict the lab-of-origin of engineered DNA

The Strange Persistence of First Languages (2015)

Google’s censored Chinese search engine: a catalogue of ethical violations?

Vegas – Where Thugs Come into Your Room and Search Your Stuff

Show HN: Flip gender in Python

Show HN: Didyougogo – An Altavista slayer

My Haskell Journey from C#

She Had a Genius Idea: Air-Conditioned Doghouses. Then the City Showed Up

Vert.x native: how to run a JVM app in 10Mb of RAM

Unprivileged filesystem mounts, 2018 edition

Show HN: Just Get Me Food

Show HN: WorldBrain – full text, local search of your browsing history

You could have invented that Bluetooth attack

Show HN: A cross platform app for mirroring the clipboard between synced devices

Show HN: Local Sheriff – Browser extension to show PII leaks to third-parties

China is monitoring employees’ brain waves and emotions: $315M profit increase

Flexport is hiring software engineers

QEMU as a snap package with GTK, SDL2 and Virgil 3D enabled

Arris made the first product to support the open Wi-Fi mesh networking standard

Project Natick – Underwater datacenter with live cameras

Saga: compensate for failures in a terse and composable way

Show HN: A simple interactive resume-making tool

Bitcoin and Ethereum Fall Substantially in $18B Crypto Market Wipeout

Jack Ma honors 50 Afrikan wildlife rangers who are fighting poaching

Issue: Async script stalls page load

NEC unveils facial recognition system for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

AWS Lambda + Serverless Framework + Python – A Step by Step “Hello World”

OpenStax – openly licensed textbooks

Grue and Bleen: New riddle of induction

Machine Learning Can Identify the Authors of Anonymous Code

K-map, the weird cousin of k-anonymity (2017)

Intel’s 9th generation processors rumored to launch October 1st with 8 cores

Don’t the Rich Deserve to Keep Their Money? (2016)

Tutanotas encrypted email app is coming to F-Droid

Benno Rice: The Tragedy of systemd [video]

How broken is the USPTO: How is this a patent