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Show HN: Um – Create your own man pages so you can remember how to do stuff

How India’s rich continue to rake in billions with impunity still today

New evidence challenges the story of the Stanford Prison Experiment

Insurance copays are higher than the cost of the drug about 25% of the time

What Did Ada Lovelace’s Program Actually Do?

Clover: 4-Bit Quantized Linear Algebra

Parallel Programming with Python

London museum is livestreaming a key 21st-century artifact: festering sewage

Two player Karateka using a 42 byte patch

Is Lisp Still Unique? Or at Least Different? (2002)

The scientists who starved to death surrounded by food

Making ASDF more magic by making it less magic

Electric Scooters in New York City? They Just Might Work

’Coerced into tipping’? How apps are changing the culture of tipping in SF

Facebook addiction linked to staking your self-worth on social acceptance

The short history of the “about:” URL (2013)

How Amsterdam’s Airport Is Fighting Noise Pollution with Land Art

Make your own quadrille, graph, hex, etc. paper

A Haskell Compiler – Slides on GHC Implementation (2013)

Netflix will now interrupt series binges with video ads for its other series

A Detailed Look at RFC 8446 (a.k.a. TLS 1.3)

The City Born in a Day: The Origin Story of Oklahoma City

Show HN: Umbrella JS, a 2.5kb jQuery alternative

H-1B use skyrocketed among Bay Area tech giants

Border between Belgium and the Netherlands at Baarle-Hertog/Baarle-Nassau (2017)

See No Evil: Transparency in the Supply Chain

Trapped in 99M-Year-Old Amber, a Beetle with Pilfered Pollen

Invisible Institute Relaunches the Citizens Police Data Project

Squeak: A Language for Communicating with Mice (1985) [pdf]

Flexport Is Hiring – Passed Fedex and UPS in Ocean Freight in just 4 years

An easier approach to partial fractions decomposition

MIT 6.886 – Graph Analytics – Spring 2018

Generating Mazes with Inductive Graphs

We designed Canada’s cities for cars, not people – and the people are dying

Show HN: NetFlix clone web app template (PWA)

Show HN: FreshJobs – An aggregator of junior and entry-level jobs

The Actor Who Played Robocop Is Now an Art Historian, Returning to Detroit

The Charmed Life of Esther the Wonder Pig

Detailed articles on the avionics of NASA’s space shuttle

SIGGRAPH 2018 Papers: Machine Learning, Graphics, and Rendering

Android as FOSS as possible

Build a Neural Network from Scratch in Python

The personal SOS messages the BBC used to send

The Essence of Software Engineering

Show HN: Oji – (◕‿◕) Text Emoticons Maker

They Don’t Build Them Like They Used To: The New Construction Shortage

There’s a new insecticide on the block, and it’s also bad news for bees

Stripe suspends payments to BitCute

My journey to securing sensitive data in Puppet code

Scuttlebutt – A decentralised secure gossip platform

Overnight Brain Stimulation Improves Memory

Web Architecture 101 – VideoBlocks Product and Engineering

Show HN: Spirit – The animation tool for the web

Show HN: Storybook – UI dev environment you’ll love to use

Most wear-resistant metal alloy in the world engineered at Sandia Labs

Dutch People Are Dicks. Here’s Why Americans Should Try It

Energy Storage Using a Rock-Filled Train on a Hill (2016)

Kerala, the beautiful Indian state needs your help

Jeff Bezos doesn’t like the idea of ’work-life balance’

A Beginner’s Guide to Quantum Computing

Darpa Subterranean Challenge

H-1B use skyrocketed among Bay Area tech giants

Peter Thiel: You Are Not a Lottery Ticket [video]

Show HN: Visual scale of money (stacks of $100 bills in realistic size in WebGL)