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Startup School: Every Company That Applied Is Now Accepted

Docker cannot be downloaded without logging into Docker Store

Nvidia announces RTX 2000 GPU series with ‘6x more performance’ and ray-tracing

Richard Bellman on the Birth of Dynamic Programming (2002) [pdf]

Someone Is Waging a Secret War to Undermine the Pentagon’s Huge Cloud Contract

SEC Charges Rothenberg Ventures in Fraudulent Scheme

Idempotence: What is it and why should I care?

Archaeologists explore a rural field in Kansas, and a lost city emerges

LI2: Lego Institute for Lego Investigation

OpenAI Five: Goals and Progress

Fast Multiplication with Slow Additions

PepsiCo Is Acquiring SodaStream for $3.2B

Sugar: Secure GPU Acceleration in Web Browsers [pdf]

In horrific detail, women accuse U.S. customs officers of invasive body searches

Man sues over Google’s “Location History” fiasco, case could affect millions

Video-to-Video Synthesis [video]

Introduction to Augur, an open-source, decentralized betting marketplace

As Cars Collect More Data, Companies Try to Move It All Faster

What do you mean by “Event-Driven”? (2017)

Fighting the vanilla thieves of Madagascar

Greyston Bakery hires on a first-come, first-served basis, no questions asked

Winner’s Curse? On pace, progress, and empirical rigor [pdf]

APL Quotations and Anecdotes

Whiteboards used after Gatwick flight information screens fail

Malaysia Resists China’s Investments, Fearing ‘Colonialism’

Backyourstack: discover and sponsor your open-source dependencies

Intel firmware now unredistributable by OS vendors

OpenStreetMap for the dyslexic

Liftoff: a new baseline compiler for WebAssembly in V8

Uber’s Vision of Self-Driving Cars Begins to Blur

An Introduction to BON – Business Object Notation (1999)

CastSan: efficient detection of bad C++ casts [pdf]

Most Americans Continue to Have Privacy and Security Concerns, Survey Finds

Blood uric acid level and IQ: a study in twin families (1984)

PixelBlock – Gmail extension that blocks email open tracking

CVE-2018-11769: Apache CouchDB Remote Code Execution ( Versions 1.x and ≤2.1.2)

Reddit Experiencing Elevated Error Rates

FireHOL Language (& a program to run it) which builds secure stateful firewalls

Vietnam Going Solar After Nuclear Power Plants Shelved

Flatpak 1.0 Released, Ready for Prime Time

Amazon Ending Prime 20% Off Games Discount

Have elite US colleges lost their moral purpose altogether?

Amazon’s electricity rate discounts have pushed up utility costs

Venezuela devalues the bolivar by 95% and pegs it to ‘oil-linked’ cryptocurrency

Which is faster: rsync or rdiff-backup?

Internet Voting: A Requiem for the Dream

Show HN: Track, Analyze, and Graph Your Bash History

Performance of ranged accesses into arrays: modulo, multiply-shift, and masks

Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch at 500 fps

Fakernews: Builds a Markov chain using HN post titles and generates fake posts

A modest proposal for optional methods in Swift protocols a record is (and reverse)

Special caution is warranted for branded combination nootropics (2017)

Capitalism Killed Our Climate Momentum, Not “Human Nature”

Startup School 2018 Sends Acceptance Emails to All Applicants by Mistake

How we hacked our office doorbell using Slack, MessageBird and Now

Finally, the biggest airplane in the world has some rockets to launch

Show HN: open source bin packing for laser cutters

Independent consultant sued over Tesla Model 3 teardown

We took a tour of the abandoned college campuses of Second Life

Man sues over Google’s “Location History” fiasco, case could affect millions

Reddit is down; tells me to disable adblock

A Clickbait Site’s Trackers Cost the USA $4M in Data Monthly

‘Ray tracing’ could bring the biggest graphics jump in a decade

The world’s first floating farm making waves in Rotterdam

Facebook’s encryption fight will be harder than San Bernardino

Apple Pulls 25,000 Apps from China After a Barrage of State-Media Criticism

Researchers succeed in imaging quantum events

Tips for a Successful Kickstarter Campaign [$19K Raised]

CSS single-file stylesheets that you can drop into an HTML5 document

Things I (honestly) don’t want to see in your portfolio

Elon Musk Gives a Walking Tour of Tesla Assembly Plant (15 Min Video)

Show HN: GDPR Busters – busting GDPR myths, tips for startups and developers

Reinforcement Learning Resources, Models and Code

Creating the Innocent Killer (2009)

EU is planning to order websites to delete extremist content within 1 hour

How Women Can Get What They Want in a Negotiation

China’s children are its secret weapon in the global AI arms race