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What Data Scientists Really Do, According to Data Scientists

Methodologies for measuring open source project health

Skim reading is the new normal. The effect on society is profound

Predict Economic Indicators with OpenStreetMap

Radiolab: Post No Evil [audio]

Beyond the pixel plane: sensing and learning in 3D

The Illegal Ramen Vendors of Postwar Tokyo

America’s Top Prosecutors Used to Go After Top Executives. What Changed? (2017)

Divergence and curl: The language of Maxwell’s equations and more [video]

BuBBLE: A Lisp Dialect DSL Written in Haskell

The hidden reality of ridiculously complicated algorithms

The Ripper: The disturbing Visceral Games project that never was

Great Barrier Reef headed for ‘massive death’

Nanotubes change the shape of water

Set Theory and Algebra in CS: Introduction to Mathematical Modeling (2013) [pdf]

Japan to add millions of new nodes to federated Nextcloud network

The State of the Bestiary Is Stable

Recycling in the United States is in serious trouble. How does it work?

Sarcasm Analysis Using Conversation Context

German Cryptanalytic Attacks on the British World War II “TYPEX” Machine

The First Photo of a Human Being, and How the Scene’s Changed from 180 Years Ago

TKVDB: radix tree persistent key/value storage engine written in ANSI C

Iris Automation Is Hiring C++ Engineers – Perception for Drones

Survival Of The Sluggish: Scientists Find An Upside To A Low Metabolism

Does $60,000 a year make you middle-class or wealthy on Planet Earth?

MIT 6.875 – Cryptography and Cryptanalysis [video]

Anyway, stop recommending bazookas to kill flies in programming

Hatchful – Create stunning logos in seconds

The Solo JavaScript Developer Challenging Google and Facebook

Javascript Fundamentals: ‘this’ keyword

The Commons Clause really isn’t as important as we think it is

Alphabet’s Plans for a China Comeback Go Beyond Google Search

Show HN: Online Regex Tester for PHP, PCRE, Python, Golang and JavaScript

Sydney airport seizure of phone and laptop ’alarming’, say privacy groups

Billion-dollar telescopes could end up beyond the reach of US astronomers

Laska (UI Builder for React Native) now supports third-party components

Mercedes-Benz unveils new all-electric race car prototype – Electrek

As small as 13 sq metres: are these the worst new flats in Britain?

I Delivered Packages for Amazon and It Was a Nightmare

The mechanic’s, machinist’s, and engineer’s practical book of reference

Telescopic contact lenses could magnify human eyesight (2015)

US software ’blew up Russian gas pipeline’

Show HN: Text and audio summarization API

The US Is Now in the Longest Bull Market in American History

Intel Has Also Relicensed Their FSP Binaries: A Big Win to Coreboot, LinuxBoot

Go 1.11 is released

Her Mother Was Neanderthal, Her Father Something Else Entirely

Drive-in ’sex boxes’ for prostitution are a wild success in Switzerland