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Google’s Jeff Dean undergrad senior thesis project (1990) [pdf]

Programming War Stories: Connectix

China Built the World’s Largest Telescope, Then Came the Tourists

IncludeOS – A minimal, resource efficient unikernel for cloud services

Show HN: Quetree – A Q&A site that is tree-based and hierarchical

California bans forced arbitration and no-disparge clauses

Game Programming Patterns: Double Buffer (2014) – an artificially intelligent mash-up machine

Artificial Intelligence Is Now a Pentagon Priority. Will Silicon Valley Help?

The Raspberry Pi as a Stratum-1 NTP Server

The Berklee College of Music Sampling Archive

What the grieving mother orca tells us about how animals experience death

Show HN: How privacy-friendly is your site?

Anki: Memorization with Spaced Learning

In Anarchic Corner of Copenhagen, Police and Dealers Play Cat and Mouse

Xoodoo cookbook [pdf]

History of Lisp (1979) [pdf]

Self-reference and Logic (2005) [pdf]

91% Employees Experience Burnout; Poor Leadership Is Number One Cause

BEAKL – Theory and observations to find the optimal keyboard layout (2017)

The Making of Prince of Persia (2011) [pdf]

An Example Microcoded CPU (2010)

The Quorum Programming Language

An O(N) Sorting Algorithm: Machine Learning Sort

What’s in a Production Web Application?

Solving the crypto-fq bug in ath9k (2016)

An Bash&Python Script for Generating Payloads That Bypasses All Antivirus So Far

Miner’s “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema” (1956)

How to make a self-hosted video livestream

Geometric intuition for digital audio filters

JSCPP, a simple C++ interpreter written in JavaScript

What I’ve learned since quitting Elm

Yuval Noah Harari on what the year 2050 has in store for humankind

A satellite engineer explains the basics of space electronics

Frank Siegert’s collection of NeXTSTEP programs (1996)

Detecting life’s influence on planetary atmospheres

Phone Numbers Were Never Meant as ID. Now We’re All at Risk

A spreadsheet of the businesses I’ve started over the past 15 years

How I managed to hack six law firms with expired domain names

This improbable membrane can trap flies in a jar–and odor in a toilet

Sex, Steroids, and Arnold: The Story of the Gym That Shaped America

GraphQL Server Tutorial with Apollo Server and Express

Step towards creating a rechargeable lithium-oxygen battery

MypyC, native code Python compiler being developed by Dropbox

I was bored and made a Conway’s Game of Life app in Elixir

Tengen: Atari Games vs. Nintendo (2015) [video]

The Peter Principle is a joke taken seriously. Is it true?

Deepfakes for dancing: AI to fake those dance moves you always wanted

Stars memorize rebirth of our home galaxy

Hi-Vision Laserdisc – HD in ‘93 [video]

TorrentFreak Is Blocked as a Pirate Site and Hacking Resource

Decentralized Identity Trilemma

Bit Planets: High quality RTS in browser (mobile,desktop,no install,no register)

Show HN: A DSL for generating binary files

I made an app that hates itself

Richard Feynman – chess analogy [video]

Show HN: Checklist – small and unobtrusive checklist tool

Confirmation Bias – Why nobody is allowed to be successful on the internet

Show HN: $1 buys you a startup idea