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What You Need to Know Before Considering a PhD

How Facebook, Apple and Microsoft Are Contributing to OpenStreetMap

I know why rejection emails suck – I write them

Airflow, Meta Data Engineering and a Data Platform for India

Black Design – Design tools for early stage startup founders

‘Why didn’t you think this baby was ill?’ Decision-making in acute paediatrics

Tesorio (YC S15) Is Hiring a Head of Data Science and Lead Data Scientist

SCI and the “62;c62;” attack

Tensorflow implementation of Adversarial Autoencoders

The Nuclear Power Plant of the Future May Be Floating Near Russia

Show HN: Efficient data loading using zeta distributions

A new kernel polling interface

How to Architect a Query Compiler, Revisited [pdf]

Google Vizier: A Service for Black-Box Optimization

C compiler with support for structs written in Assembly

The Museum of RetroTechnology

Common Lisp: A Gentle Introduction to Symbolic Computation

What Being on the Front Page of Hacker News Does to Your Indie App

A little bit of the one-time MacOS version still lingers in ZFS

Should I Flush It? Most Often, the Answer Is No

Pseudo-bandlimited pixel art filtering in 3D: A mathematical derivation

Show HN: Ledger-analytics – Analytics for ledger-cli

NL2Bash – Generating bash commands from natural language

Databot: High-performance Python data-driven programming framework

A million-dollar gift to journalism, without ties, and the reason for that

How to Enable Autocomplete in Mac Terminal

Google is irresponsible, claims Fortnite’s chief in bug row

Show HN: BetterSlack – A Chrome extension to make Slack better

How Insulin Helped Create Ant Societies

VSCodium: Binary releases of VSCode without MS branding, telemetry and licensing

Building a Tetris Game using TypeScript and Angular (2017)

Path to 2 nm May Not Be Worth It

Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Reveal – 48-minute walkthrough

Is Artificial Intelligence Permanently Inscrutable? (2016)

Yuval Noah Harari on what the year 2050 has in store for humankind

AMD Announces Dual-Vega Radeon Pro V340 Card with 32GB of ECC HBM Memory,37694.html

Uber ’to focus on bikes over cars’

GlobalFoundries Puts 7nm on Hold

Cryptographic Definitions and an Analysis of Helios, Helios-C, and JCJ

It will take Intel years to fix its chipmaking process, analyst says

Core Erlang compiler implemented in Rust

Watch 48 Minutes of Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Footage

Y Combinator Learns Basic Income Is Not So Basic After All

S2 Geometry

My_basic: Lighweight BASIC interpreter written in standard C

A History of the Dalek props in Doctor Who – From ’63 to ’88 and beyond

Acetaminophen Enhances the Reflective Learning Process

Show HN: FlightList – Find cheap, one-way flights within a departure date range

Enterprise programming language

Stop Sending Money on Venmo. There Are Better Alternatives

1400 Western Australian gov officials used ’Password123’ as their password

Show HN: SpeakingPuppy – Snapchat-like AR for your dog

ForgeFed: An extension to ActivityPub for web-based Git services federation

Y Combinator Learns Basic Income Isn’t So Basic After All

Automakers invented the crime of “jaywalking”