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Show HN: I’m 12, learning JS, and wrote Wolfram’s cellular automaton in Node

We Spent $3.3M Buying Out Investors: Why and How We Did It

Transmuting Low-Value Programmer Cred into High-Value Status Illegibility

“I Used AI to Clone My Voice and Trick My Mom into Thinking It Was Me”

Google, but for colors

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Quasirandom Sequences

A plea for lean software (1995) [pdf]

Show HN: A smarthome dashboard concept using zircle-ui

‘Overtourism’ Worries Europe. How Much Did Technology Help Get Us There?

Madoko – a fast markdown processor for writing professional documents

A map of London as it was during the era of the Tudor monarchs

ZeroCater is hiring a Full-stack Engineer (Front-end focused)

Memory Barriers: A Hardware View for Software Hackers (2010) [pdf]

Lessons from Building a Serverless Data Pipeline with AWS Kinesis and Lambda

A curated collection of OCaml tools, frameworks, libraries and articles

Welcome to Armageddon: On MUDs (2017)

FCC can define markets with only one ISP as “competitive,” court rules

Lawsuit names NordVPN, Tesonet in proxy data extraction scheme

Sinister ’hunger stones’ with dire warnings have surfaced as water levels drop

Assume the Worst: Enumerating AWS Roles Through ‘AssumeRole’

AR superhuman ability: displaying object trajectory

NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft Takes First Picture of Distant Rock It Will Visit

Python Pandas: Tricks and Features

Q3VM – Lightweight, embeddable Quake III Interpreter/Virtual Machine

Show HN: Weekend Project – My first blockchain wallet. Comments welcome

Programming Language Foundations in Agda

Easing into Modern C++: A lightning talk for the unsure [video]

Miami Will Be Underwater Soon. Its Drinking Water Could Go First

Lorentz Transformations with a Mechanical Time-Globe [video]

On Software Tooling

Daniel Stenberg: Now at 134 days since visa application

ASM International Headquarters and Geodesic Dome

Data Engineering Patterns with Apache Airflow [video]

Building a Site in 24 Hours and Growing It to +$2M/Year

The Alchemy of Madness: Understanding a Seventeenth-Century “Brain Scan” (2015)

Telecom-backed group defends anti-net neutrality robocalls to seniors

Hackers sell data of 130M Chinese hotel guests on dark web for 8 Bitcoin

The Most Useful Linux Commands You Probably Need to Know

Imaginary Problems Are the Root of Bad Software

Google donates money to help run the Kubernetes infrastructure

New $299 electric bicycle is ultra-affordable and even airline compliant

WhatsApp warns that Google Drive backups are not encrypted

GOD MODE UNLOCKED – Hardware Backdoors in X86 CPUs

Wandering Bose-Einstein condensate may lead to scalable quantum computer

CivJS: A JavaScript 4X Game (2015)

Non-discrimination is a core value of Open Source

Big oil asks government to protect its Texas facilities from climate change

What’s new in PHP 7.3

Show HN: Weekend Project – A Stellar blockchain wallet on the command-line

Why JavaScript needs the method ‘last()’ and the proper way to add it yourself

Google Cloud grants $9M in credits for the operation of the Kubernetes project

Diagrams: A diagram editor for the Mac

Is Julia the next big programming language? MIT thinks so, as version 1.0 lands

Google’s Self-Driving Cars Have Trouble with Basic Driving Tasks: Report

Introduction to Incr_dom: Writing Dynamic Web Apps in OCaml

Probiotics shouldn’t be treated as a food supplement, according to a new study

Scientists may have discovered first ‘ghost’ black hole from different universe

President Trump Says Google Searches Rigged, DFW Expert Disagrees

Locals reportedly frustrated with Alphabet’s Waymo self-driving cars

Amazon hard work isn’t enough – employers expect forced cheerfulness too

Show HN: Workshop – Helping people learn new skills with React Native

Y Combinator Learns Basic Income Is Not So Basic After All

Facebook employees create a group to complain about ’political monoculture’

’Mr. Robot’ to End with Season 4 on USA Network (Exclusive)