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USB-C Explorer – A development board to get started working with USB Type-C

SGI’s $250,000 Graphics Supercomputer from 1993 – Onyx RealityEngine² [video]

MatchSticks: Portable CNC System for Automating Wood-Working Joinery

Automatic conversion between simplified and traditional Chinese

Carlo Rovelli on challenging our common-sense notion of time

The Cobra Effect, but with an antidote

India Pushes Back Against Tech ‘Colonization’ by Internet Giants

How Two Thieves Stole Thousands of Prints from University Libraries

Service provider story about tracking down TCP RSTs

Crunch Time in NAFTA Negotiations: What’s at Play for Canada on Digital Policy

A new way to remove ice buildup without power or chemicals

Meal frequency and timing in health and disease

Volunteers scour drone footage in search for woman who went missing on hike

Why California’s Privacy Law Won’t Hurt Facebook or Google

Microwave Weapons Are Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers

Apparent Evidence for Hawking Points in the CMB Sky

Shimport: Use JavaScript modules in all browsers, including dynamic imports

When Neurons Turn Against Themselves

Scale API is hiring engineers to accelerate the development of AI

Book review: Head First Statistics vs. The Manga Guide to Statistics

ASM International Headquarters and Geodesic Dome

HyperLearn: Faster, Leaner GPU Sklearn, Statsmodels Written in PyTorch

Largest brain imaging study identifies drivers of brain aging

The American Nightmare: Subprime Mortgage Crisis, 10 Years Later

Paul Graham on why he doesn’t like seeing college-age and younger founders

Keystone – Open-Source Secure Hardware Enclave

Tearful Tech Mogul Jailed After Probation Revoked in Domestic Violence Case

Saudi Arabia plans huge canal that will turn country of Qatar into an island

The secret to successful BBQ pork butt and brisket is science

A small, bootable clone of Space Invaders written in x86 Assembly

Show HN: Send secret messages to someone using their public ssh key

Build a Neural Network from Scratch in Python

Shimport: Use JavaScript modules in all browsers, including dynamic imports

Paraguayan War Was Dumbest and Costliest Conflict the Americas Ever Experienced

How the Kessler Syndrome can end all space exploration and destroy modern life

Burning Man attendees dumping RVs, bicycles, trash mounds in nearby Reno

A Russian Sovereign Wealth Fund Is Trying to Make Elon Musk’s Dream Come True

Parasitic Vines That Feed on Parasitic Wasps That Feed on Trees

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