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XSV: A fast CSV command-line toolkit written in Rust

Top cancer researcher fails to disclose corporate ties in major journals

Tools of the Trade, from Hacker News

DIY puller RC flying wing airplane with Kline–Fogleman modified airfoil

A year later, Equifax has faced little fallout from losing data

The Website Obesity Crisis (2015)

Show HN: Reminiscence, self-hosted bookmark manager and personal wayback machine

An Inverted Jenny Surfaces. The Flawed Stamp Had Not Been Seen Since 1918

The Amazon Echo as a map of human labor, data and planetary resources

Ten years after the financial crisis, GSE securities have expanded $804B

Youth-apprenticeship program in Colorado mirrors a successful Swiss model

Reverse Engineering Firmware Primer (2012)

Learn Smalltalk with ProfStef

Who Wrote the Anti-Trump New York Times Op-Ed? Using Tidytext

Ripgrep is faster (2016)

Show HN: Interactive Portraits with Speech Synthesis

Companies that contribute to open source can gain a competitive advantage

Show HN: Linuxify – Transform the MacOS CLI into a GNU/Linux CLI Experience

Amazon’s Antitrust Antagonist Has a Breakthrough Idea

The Mellotron In Action [video]

Top Open Source Static Site Generators

Beyond Spotify and iZettle: How Sweden became Europe’s capital of startup exits

Bump-Canceling Bunk Beds Promise Smooth Bus Rides

Your Face Is Not a Bar Code (2003)

(2016) Autofill: What web devs should know, but don’t

ML-powered newspaper for showing news from many political perspectives

More than a quarter of Americans say they’ve deleted Facebook from their phones

Graphd – The Metaweb Graph Repository

Smarking (YC W15) Is Hiring Back-End Engineers in SF

Looking for the author behind NYT op-ed using data science

DD, DU and DF – The Three Linux Commands You Should Commit to Memory

German OpenStreetMap making map unusable, to protest against EU copyright reform

Books Travelers Are Always Leaving Behind at Their Hotels

State of JavaScript 2018 Survey

Doctors said coma patients would never wake. AI said they would, and they did

YouTube stars: ‘The most fun job imaginable became deeply bleak’

Blogging with org-publish in Emacs

Doctors said the coma patients would never wake. AI said they would. They did

9 years after feature request, Android still doesn’t support CalDav

Apple prices may increase because of Tariffs we may be imposing on China

One Blind Guy’s Experience with Android – How Accessible Is It Really? (2016)

The founder of Pinboard on why understanding fandom is good for business (2017)

Wikipedia seeks photos of 20M artifacts lost in Brazilian museum fire

Google slammed for Chrome change that strips out ’www’ from domains

A Missing Piece of Infrastructure for the dApp Ecosystem

Notes on Ryzen and Threadripper Hardware on DragonFly BSD

Show HN: Clean Timer – A clean and simple timer app

Interviews with John Carmack [~1997-2008] [pdf]

A celebration of code – 6 pieces of code that had an impact

Intel 14nm Processors Facing Shortages, Increasing Prices,37746.html

I Was Sexually Assaulted by Another Marine. The Corps Didn’t Believe Me Chrome extension caught stealing passwords, cryptocurrency private keys

Joe Rogan’s Podcast Interview with Elon Musk