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Learning Dense Visual Object Descriptors By and For Robotic Manipulation

Show HN: Zero – Local file system transparently swapping to the cloud

A file that’s both an acceptable HTML page and a JPEG (2012)

Australia’s anti-encryption law will merely relocate the backdoors: Expert

Aspider: A lightweight, asynchronous micro-framework based on asyncio

Scientists discover how to turn light into matter after 80-year quest (2014)

The First 15 Years of PyPy – A Personal Retrospective

Entrepreneur raises millions of bugs to tackle food waste problem (2017)

Show HN: Prod – Blocks addictive websites until you’ve finished your to-do list

A map showing the steepness of streets (2013)

Additional Mac App Store apps caught stealing and uploading browser history

D3-dag – Layout algorithms for visualizing directed acylic graphs

Empty bottles quickly with a whirlpool trick (2012)

Strest – Flexible REST Tests in YAML

Companies worry more about access to software developers than capital

First-party isolation in Firefox: what breaks if you enable it?

How Tutanota replaced Google’s FCM with their own notification system

Building a Desktop App Without Electron Using Vue: Vuido

NSA metadata program “consistent” with Fourth Amendment, Kavanaugh once argued

To Restore Civil Society, Start with the Library

Smenu, a command-line advanced selection filter and a menu builder for terminal

Spontaneous knotting of an agitated string (2007)

Beijing’s Three Options: Unemployment, Debt, or Wealth Transfers

Fullscreen mobile modal: how hard can it be?

I survived the Warsaw ghetto. Here are the lessons I’d like to pass on

Trump to Apple: ’Make your products’ in the US to avoid tariffs

Exploring the Worst Case Complexity of Quicksort (2015)

How the U.S. Government Misleads the Public on Afghanistan

More Companies That No Longer Require a Degree

A New Challenger to Equifax’s Employee Verification Service

European observatory on Algorithmic Sovereignty

Why I never finish my Haskell programs (part 2)

A doctor in Bangladesh has found a simple way to treat infant pneumonia

The Lost City of Atlantis – Hidden in Plain Sight

Porcupine: A fast linearizability checker written in Go

Certificate transparency logs and how they are a gold mine to bug hunters

Hacking Soundcloud: Creating an Interactive Track (2017)

Gender Differences in Research Areas and Topics: An Analysis of Publications

Isaac Asimov on The David Letterman Show (1980) [video]

Tyler McMullen – Isolation Without Containers

Break another CTF by taking over its machine

Beneath AI hype is likelihood it threatens the poor says former Microsoft exec

Show HN: Labeleat – The app which scans and deciphers your food products

Americans use the Internet to abandon children adopted from overseas (2013)

Microsoft exec Judson Althoff: Amazon expansion is our opportunity

A review of the Julia language (2014)

Space Jam Website with CSS Grid

Myers-Briggs: The personality test that conned the world

1.3B page views per month – it’s all about performance

Smart meters could let government peek into your home, court warns

A Father is Charged With Murder for Accidental Drowning of His Daughter

Rust, Julia, and Go: Disruptive New Programming Languages

W3C Web Authentication – A Passwordless World – The Trusona SDK

Show HN: (My First game) Dicentric, a fun and relaxing puzzle game for android

Show HN: Reddit Bots, Drinking from the Fire Hose and Image Colorization