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Nextspace – NeXTSTEP-like desktop environment for Linux

Apple Lightning Connector Serial Access (2015)

The Business Case for Curiosity

Gravitational waves provide dose of reality about extra dimensions

Ambly: embedded ClojureScript

Governance, Part 2: Plutocracy Is Still Bad

About 40% of economics experiments fail replication survey (2016)

Definition of Simple (2011)

Realistic ’Flight Simulator’ Puts Players in Economy Class

When I left my nine-to-five to follow my passion, my life fell apart

Water Droplets Don’t Just Hover on a Hot Pan – They Roll

[Study] Raising Minimum Wage in 6 Major Cities Has Zero Effect on Job Creation

Canada’s artificial trans fats ban comes into effect – with a phase-out period

Interview with Dr Erika Camacho on the Hartman-Grobman theorem [audio]

A new CSS-based web attack will crash and restart your iPhone

Show HN: Feedseer – A Mastodon instance to filter out posts based on content

Brave Browser Chooses Qwant as Its Default Search Engine in France and Germany

In defense of a third way in open software licensing

Understanding the Memcached Source Code – Slab I

Post-crash economics: have we learnt nothing?

Packnback: asymmetrically encrypted backups

Rescale Is Hiring Senior Back-End Engineers in San Francisco or Remote

Show HN: Creating Land-Use Maps with an HP 7475A Plotter

Uncovering multiscale order in the prime numbers via scattering

Yunohost: A server OS aiming to make self-hosting accessible to everyone

Show HN: Kind of reinventing Emacs and Elisp – looking for feedback

Step into Silicon Forest, Putin’s secret weapon in the global tech race (2016)

C64 OS: A Commodore 64 OS with Modern Concepts – A web site dedicated to precise Time and Frequency

An Oral History of Apple’s Infinite Loop

John McAfee Told His Followers to ‘Flood’ the SEC’s Inbox. It Didn’t Go Well

US loses extradition battle with Russia for Bitcoin kingpin