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Killing processes that don’t want to die

Instagram’s Co-Founders Said to Step Down from Company

Nerve implant ’restores consciousness’ to man in vegetative state (2017)

You Could Have Invented Spectral Sequences [pdf]

When Do We Have Empathy for the Mentally Ill?

Eagle.js: A hackable slideshow framework built with Vue.js

Hayabusa-2: Japan’s rovers send pictures from asteroid

Tidelift wants open-source developers to get paid

Am I logged in or not? GDPR case study on the example of Chrome browser change

The epic rise and fall of the name Heather

Show HN: Podflix – Like Netflix for Podcasts

The woes of incremental resource drains in big systems

IRS: Review of the System Failure That Led to the Tax Day Outage [pdf]

Neuromodulation of spinal networks enables stepping after complete paraplegia

Treating the Bay Area as like working in the mines

Show HN: Plash – Build and run containers CEO says domain with 40M users suspended for abuse complaint

Paper Trails: Living and Dying with Fragmented Medical Records

Self-solving Rubik’s Cube

World’s first animal was a pancake-shaped ocean dweller

Myst at 25: How it changed gaming, created addicts, and made enemies

Telltale Employees Left Stunned by Company Closure, No Severance

Show HN: A new protocol for packet radio including ECDSA and compression

Sloan Kettering’s Deal with Startup Ignites a New Uproar

If You’re Not Writing a Program, Don’t Use a Programming Language [video]

How FPGAs work, and why people will buy them (2013)

Show HN: Mastering Modular JavaScript

MacOS 10.14 Mojave Reviewed

What happened when Boston Public Schools tried for equity with an algorithm

Node-OS: The first operating system powered by node.js and npm

Crafting Interpreters: Strings

A comparative analysis of SQL-on-Hadoop systems for interactive analytics

Problems in Mathematics

Amazon honeypot packages to ’trap’ drivers who are stealing

Postmortem: Azure DevOps (VSTS) Outage of 4 Sep 2018

Pypeline: A Python library for creating concurrent data pipelines

Uber drivers and other gig economy workers earnings fell 50% over past 5 years

Iron: Isolating Network-Based CPU in Container Environments [pdf]

I Peeked into My Node_Modules Directory and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

Humble Bundle Coding Books by No Starch Press

On holy wars, and a plea for peace

LogP: Towards a Realistic Model of Parallel Computation (1993) [pdf]

No One Knows Exactly What Would Happen If Mosquitoes Were to Disappear

What can C++ do for embedded systems developers? [video]

Boston Dynamics Robots Run, Dance and Flip, But Are They a Business?

Milkymist: VJ on an FPGA

’We’re moving to higher ground’: America’s era of climate mass migration is here

iPhone Xs Max Teardown – Is There Any Thermal Cooling?

What Is Dark Matter? Even the Best Theories Are Crumbling

Rough waters for California’s not so public beaches

John Oliver explains how Facebook is wreaking havoc overseas

Google’s Proposed Framework for Responsible Data Protection Regulation [pdf]

Google adds activity cards and collections to search results

Encrypting SNI: Fixing One of the Core Internet Bugs

Google secretly logs users into Chrome whenever they log into a Google site

Encrypt it or lose it: how encrypted SNI works

They Got ’Everything’: Inside a Demo of NSO Group’s Powerful iPhone Malware

Show HN: Redbull- Python type hints based quick JSON endpoints

On holy wars, and a plea for peace

Show HN: Maria – iPad app for learning to read

Show HN: Wikipedia traversal in Python