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LoJax: First UEFI rootkit found in the wild, courtesy of the Sednit group

Marzipan: Apple’s 4 iOS Apps on MacOS Mojave

Introducing Cloudflare Registrar

Building Raspberry Pi Systems with Yocto

S-tui: Stress Terminal UI

Searching for Tuva: Before the internet and now

Chile unveils Patagonian Route of Parks hiking trail

People can die from giving up the fight

Charles Kao, Nobel laureate who revolutionized fiber optics, has died

Sly: Sylvester the Cat’s Common Lisp IDE

The Return of Perry Rhodan (1998)

Sqlfmt: an opinionated online SQL formatter

A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks (1970) [pdf]

Autonomous Trucks and the Future of the American Trucker

After century of removing appendixes, doctors find antibiotics can be enough

Cheaper Battery Is Unveiled as a Step to a Carbon-Free Grid

How does an ancient Greek mosaic get from excavation site to museum? [video]

Starcity (YC S16) Is Hiring a Senior Front End Software Engineer

The Lasp Programming System

Show HN: Variables War, a kid-friendly code playing-cards game

How doctors can use poetry to help fulfill the Hippocratic oath

Tailwind: A Utility-First CSS Framework

When the Food We Ate Was Literally Poison (Even More So Than Now)

Hayabusa 2 rovers send new images from Ryugu surface

Stop writing lambda expressions in Python

Alan Kay Episode of “Education in the Digital Age” (1998) [video]

Hire people who aren’t proven

Me and My Numb Thumb: A Tale of Tech, Texts and Tendons

Rewrite Combinators in Haskell [pdf]

Linus Torvalds: ’I’ll never be cuddly but I can be more polite’

Happy Birthday, GNU: Why I still love GNU 35 years later

Show HN: A tool to reproduce images using ironing beads

Leaked video reveals Amazon’s union-busting playbook

Bay Area home sales tank 10 percent in August – slowest pace in 7 years

Thelio – Open Source Laptop from System 76

How a Go Program Compiles Down to Machine Code

The Militant Miners Who Exposed the Horrors of Black Lung

React Native Plugin for Square Reader SDK

Crypto mining giant Bitmain reveals heady growth as it files for IPO

WhatsApp co-founder: ’I sold my users’ privacy’ with Facebook acquisition

The Librem Key Makes Tamper Detection Easy

Glyphosate perturbs the gut microbiota of honey bees

I worked as a VP for Jack Ma. 40 lessons I learnt

Launching Processes on Linux

Sweden’s ads ombudsman say “distracted boyfriend” meme is gender discrimination

CBS Shuts Down Stage 9, a Fan-Made Recreation of the USS Enterprise

Executives are selling off their company’s stock at a record pace

DigitalOcean Spaces Now with Built-In CDN at No Extra Cost

See all your purchases, subscriptions and reservations

Amazon training videos coach Whole Foods staff on how to discourage unions

Netgear router injecting a cryptocurrency miner into webpages

Linus Torvalds: ’I’ll never be cuddly but I can be more polite’

Show HN: Wmfocus – Focus windows directly by label

What happens when you register a domain?

California’s Net Neutrality Bill Should Be Signed into Law

CppCon 2018: Kate Gregory “Simplicity: Not Just for Beginners”

On this day, 35 years ago in 1983, Richard Stallman announced the GNU Project

Using Big Data Analytics to Catch a 63% Profit Opportunity in Cryptocurrency

U.S. Investigating Yale Over Complaint of Bias Against Asian-American Applicants

Show HN: Phone Number Verification for Your App Without Using SMS

Show HN: Super fast, tracking free, static page, (yet another) comments plugin

My wonderful world of iOS

Show HN: WhereIs – A Slack command to locate colleagues in the office

Introducing Custom Linux Images on DigitalOcean

Show HN: A simple sound reverser Telegram messenger bot

Fancy Bear, the Russian Election Hackers, Have a Nasty New Weapon

Six women computer scientists respond to why women don’t pursue computer science

McMansion envy spreads as Americans demand more bedrooms and baths

Facebook is giving advertisers access to your shadow contact information

Yes Facebook is using your 2FA phone number to target you with ads

Qanon fan arrested for threatening massacre at YouTube headquarters