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How companies use fake sites, backdated articles to censor Google results (2017)

An Introduction to Probabilistic Programming

Practical Range Query Filtering with Succinct Tries – SIGMOD BestPaper [video]

FBI solves mystery surrounding 15-year-old Fruitfly Mac malware

Tiddlywiki – A non-linear personal web notebook

Inside Wayback Machine, the internet’s time capsule

Kindle DX as E-Ink computer monitor (2012)

The centenary of the 20th century’s worst catastrophe, the Spanish flu

Browsable History of Philosophy

Show HN: Pictureddit – Reddit pictures with wiki info

Mario Kart Wii: The History of the Ultra Shortcut [video]

Justice Department Sues to Stop California Net Neutrality Law

Molten: A modern Python (3.6+) web framework

A bone-marrow transplant treated a patient’s leukemia – and his schizophrenia

ClickHouse, a column-oriented DBMS to generate analytical reports in real time

The Math Behind Project Scheduling, Bug Tracking, and Triage [video]

Cellular automata as convolutional neural networks

Designing game narrative (2013)

Two bits per transistor: high-density ROM in Intel’s 8087 floating point chip

Of Adamses and Ancestry

Cincinnati Joins the List of Cities Saying ‘No’ to Parking Minimums

Graph algorithms via SuiteSparse:GraphBLAS: triangle counting and K-truss (2018) [pdf]

Show HN: Docute – Fast way to create a documentation site

Show HN: DNS rebinding protection for Express.js

Why Most Published Research Findings Are False (2005)

Sorbet: Gradual typing of Ruby at Scale

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme – 64GM RAM and GTX 1050 in an Ultrabook

EPA prepares weakening of mercury regulations

Flexport (YC W14) is hiring engineers and hosting a tech talk at sea

Firefox: The Effect of Ad Blocking on User Engagement with the Web [pdf]

MIT D4M: Mathematics of Big Data and Machine Learning [video]

One Billion Apples’ Secret Sauce: Recipe for Apple Wireless Direct Link Protocol

California governor signs nation’s strictest net neutrality rules into law

OCaml All the Way Down – How Jane Street Builds FPGA Designs [video]

The Facebook Security Meltdown Exposes Way More Sites Than Facebook

An unsafety bug in rust’s stdlib

Dafny: verification-aware programming language

Niels Bohr’s Argument for the Irreducibility of Biology to Physics (1994)

Understanding user support systems in open source

Plus codes: addresses for everyone

Germans don’t do tech startups – more access to capital might change that

Net Neutrality is now the law throughout California

Payments on the Solid Framework

Mandatory paternity leave would help close the wage gap

RL3: a rule-based information-extraction and entity-recognition engine

Intel admits ’tight’ supply for cheap PC chips, focuses on high-end

If we don’t act now, Article 13 could break the internet by mistake UK

Late Bloomers: Why Do We Equate Genius with Precocity? (2008)

Inform: Past, Present, Future

Smallest commercially made CRT in the world and it works [video]

Colour Clash: The Engineering Miracle of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Solving “shtoopid” problems, by Eric S. Raymond

A Distributed Systems Primer for People That Don’t Have the Time

Scientists discover new mechanism for information storage in one atom

UCF selling simulated Martian dirt–$20 a kilogram, plus shipping

Companies headquartered in California can no longer have all-male boards

Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces

“One small step for the web”, open letter by Tim Berners-Lee

US mid-terms: Hackers expose ’staggering’ voter machine flaws

China’s marriage rate plummets

Description and implementation of the core Knuth-Plass line-wrapping algorithm

The Facebook Security Meltdown Exposes Way More Sites Than Facebook