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Vigilante engineer stops Waymo from patenting key lidar technology

iOS 12: Core Data External Binary Data Storage Becomes Corrupt

In El Chapo’s Trial, Extraordinary Steps to Keep Witnesses Alive

Unpublished and Untenured, a Philosopher Inspired a Cult Following

Naked mole-rat mortality rates defy Gompertzian laws by not increasing with age [pdf]

RAM Doubler 2 (1996)

The Costs of Programming Language Fragmentation

Introducing Dav1d: a new AV1 decoder

Pantagruel: An Unambiguous, Undefined Program Specification Language

WorkerDom – The Same DOM API and Frameworks You Know, but in a Web Worker

Sales engagement startup Apollo says its massive contacts database was stolen

I.R.S. Tax Fraud Cases Plummet After Budget Cuts

The annoying habits of highly effective people

Luke’s mutt wizard for automatic Neomutt and OfflineIMAP configuration

Create React App 2.0: Babel 7, Sass, and More

Show HN: MicroMDM – Open Source MDM Server for Apple Devices

Lolbench: automagically and empirically discovering Rust performance regressions

You can now run WebAssembly on Cloudflare Workers

Green and Pleasant Land: Four New Books About Farming

DEF CON report on vulnerabilities in US election infrastructure [pdf]

New Zealand travellers refusing digital search now face $5k Customs fine

CosmoFlow: Using Deep Learning to Learn the Universe at Scale

Police to Seattle’s techies, streamers: Sign up for our anti-swatting service

Impossibly Hungry Judges (2017)

Show HN: We made a real-time editor for web database apps

Show HN: A Tool for Communicating Uncertainty

Insufficient Sleep Associated with Risky Teen Behavior

Causal effects between subjective wellbeing and cardiometabolic health

Myrddin Compiler

Why the “Pursuit of Happiness” is leaving you depressed

Prepare for changes to macOS Server 5.7.1

Student of Steve Wozniak’s $13,000 ‘Woz U’ coding program says ‘it’s broken’

The Scottish Register of Tartans

CISP: A Speed-Of-Light Internet Service Provider

Show HN: Concrete Calculator for your weekend projects around the house

Vigilante engineer stops Waymo from patenting key lidar technology

“I’m surrounded by people - but I feel so lonely”

Quicksand: Lightweight Probabilistic Programming Implemented in Terra (2014) [pdf]

Show HN: An Easy Programming Language That Runs in the Browser

Show HN: Deb-simple a lightweight, bare-bones apt repository server

Project Greenglow and the battle with gravity

US mid-terms: Hackers expose ’staggering’ voter machine flaws

Jon Skeet – The changing state of immutability C# (2017)

Cisco coughs up baker’s dozen of vulnerabilities and other security nasties

The Army May Have Found Its Next Rifle in a Colorado Garage

Tim Berners-Lee announces new project for users to take back control of the web

The Curse of the Bahia Emerald, a Giant Green Rock That Ruins Lives (2017)

Observability Is Not Just Logging or Metrics

Optimising Docker Layers for Better Caching with Nix

On Wikipedia: In Defense of Inclusionism

Announcing Limited Availability of DigitalOcean Kubernetes

Show HN: Open Paperless 2 – Scan, OCR, and catalog all your paper documents

WhatsApp to start filling up with ads just like Facebook

Detailed New National Maps Show How Neighborhoods Shape Children for Life

Cop Pulls Tesla Model 3 Driver Over for ’Computer’ Mounted on Dashboard

The Dickensian Conditions of Life in a For-Profit Lockup

Show HN: JohnnyDepp – A tiny dependency manager for modern browsers (862 bytes)

The silence from Facebook over the weekend is.. deafening

“0.5% of women stated they were virgins and reported virgin births” (2013)

Paul Allen says non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma has returned but voices optimism

Humble Book Bundle: Head First Series by O’Reilly

Facebook hack let the attackers access Tinder, Spotify, and Instagram accounts

‘Solid’ gives every user a choice about where data is stored

Nvidia drivers on Linux are trash

IPCC: Climate scientists consider ‘life changing’ report

Why did HN’s traffic tank so hard recently?

Three robot advances that’ll be needed for DARPA’s new underground challenge

Grindr Will Now Have to Sue Fuckr to Keep Controversial Tool Down

NASA makes astronauts posters for everything from Star Wars to the Matrix (2017)

Iridium partners with AWS to bring internet connectivity to the ’whole planet’

Supreme Court Refuses Billionaire Who Wanted to Turn People Away from CA Beach

BrainNet: A Brain-To-Brain Interface for Direct Collaboration Between Brains

How Facebook uses a hidden feature to share your information with advertisers

New Safe Financing Documents from YC

Creator of the Web works to liberate personal data

U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Take Martins Beach (Vinod Khosla) Case

Google’s New Game Streaming Service

Guardian Columnist Logged into Conservative App as Boris Johnson

Tether (USDT) Grappling with Allegations of Noble Bank Insolvency