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Apple Insiders Say Nobody Knows What’s Going on with Bloomberg’s Hack Story

An artwork by Banksy shredded itself after selling for $1.3M at Sotheby’s

The First Rule of Microsoft Excel: Don’t Tell Anyone You’re Good at It

Microsoft is embracing Android as the mobile version of Windows

Darpa Is Making Insects That Can Deliver Bioweapons, Scientists Claim

The Awful German Language (1880)

Bring Your Custom Image to DigitalOcean

Firefox to support Google’s WebP image format for a faster web

K-map, the weird cousin of k-anonymity (2017)

Libnop: C++ Native Object Protocols

How I Judge the Quality of Documentation in 30 Seconds (2014)

Deliverr raises $7M to help e-commerce businesses compete with Amazon Prime

State of the Art: Reproducibility in Artificial Intelligence [pdf]

Can technology make the Herculaneum scrolls legible after 2,000 years? (2015)

Show HN: Monero Web Miner for Low-Tech Static Sites

Mux is hiring engineers to help build AI powered video streaming

National Theater in London Offers Glasses with Live Subtitles

The iPhone XS and XS Max Review: Unveiling the Silicon Secrets

Yuki Kawauchi Is Distance Running’s Elite Oddball

Amazon private label brands are quietly taking over

California to ban weak default passwords on internet-connected devices

Internet Archive is adding in-browser emulation support for Commodore 64

How Our Marketing Team Spends Money Each Month

Tesla Q3 2018 Vehicle Safety Report

The Apollo Breach Included Billions of Data Points

Sorry to Crush Your Dreams, but We’re Not Colonizing Space Anytime Soon

A modern annotated code companion to Paul Graham’s “On Lisp”

Europe is drawing fresh battle lines around the ethics of big data

Bloomberg’s chip story reveals murky world of national security reporting

Heat Storage Hypocausts: Air Heating in the Middle Ages (2017)

Show HN: Gallery of iOS controls

How blind players succeed at sports video games they’ve never seen

The Best Article Ever Written About Bragging

New in Postgres 11: Monitoring JIT Performance, Auto Prewarm, Stored Procedures

Lost in Occupation: How Google Maps Is Erasing Palestine

Facebook User Who Uploaded Pirated ‘Deadpool’ Copy Sentenced to 3 Weeks Prison

Interpol chief Meng Hongwei vanishes on trip to China

Astro’s Elroy Personal EVTOL in Flight Testing

More Than 150 Vulnerabilities Discovered in US Marine Corp Websites

Vitalik’s Response to the Post “The Collapse of ETH Is Inevitable”

Logisim-evolution: Digital logic designer and simulator

Show HN: Fastgrep – Find and organize your Slack team’s links and files

RediSQL, SQL steroids for Redis

Show HN: Presidential Alert Generator

Announcing Camelot, a Python Library to Extract Tabular Data from PDFs

Grindr Will Now Have to Sue Fuckr to Keep Controversial Tool Down

Depreciation of Peso Leads to Argentina Installing 2000 Bitcoin ATMs

Elon Musk to pay for water stations, filtration at all Flint schools

Show HN: DevFlight – Onboard open-source projects to cloud marketplaces

Latest Windows 10 October 2018 Update Is Wiping Out User Data

Jeff Bezos Is Planning to Ship ‘Several Metric Tons of Cargo’ to the Moon

Alleged Super Micro spy-chip: What do we know – and who is telling the truth?

Russia’s elite hacking unit has been silent, but busy

Scientists Have Connected the Brains of 3 People, Enabling Them to Share Thought

I spent 53 minutes in Amazon Go and saw the future of retail

Show HN: Array Animation Language

Show HN: Unicorn Platform – HTML landing page generator