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Introduction to Differential Equations

How to Get Things Done When You Don’t Feel Like It

Memory Allocators 101 – Write a simple memory allocator from scratch

Economist: Python becoming the world’s most popular programming language

DOD Just Beginning to Grapple with Scale of Weapon Systems Vulnerabilities

An Elm compiler for the Erlang Virtual Machine

Boltons: A set of BSD-licensed, pure-Python utilities

Brief aerobic exercise immediately enhances attention and perceptual speed

Penrose: create diagrams by typing mathematical notation in plain text

Junk Arson Science Sent Claude Garrett to Prison for Murder 25 Years Ago

EasyPost is hiring for many roles

Kubernetes on Google, Azure and AWS Compared

Choosing to stay out of the community

Learning Acrobatics by Watching YouTube

Flatpak – a security nightmare

How seventeenth-century sisters broke the mould on scientific illustration

JS Visualizer – Visualize Context, Hoisting, Closures, and Scopes in JavaScript

Leaked Google briefing, admitting a "shift towards censorship" in Silicon Valley

Memory ’brainwaves’ look the same in sleep and wakefulness

Mum’s the Word: on the NSA’s Series of Cold War Security Posters

The laundry industry is in a spin to save water

Poor Man’s Bose – Open Office and on the Go Noise Control

Astronomers discover sonic boom from powerful unseen explosion

New Google Pixel 3, Pixel Slate, and Home Hub

How I Transitioned from Physics Academia to the ML Industry

Sans Forgetica – font designed using principles of cognitive psychology

Investing Is More Luck Than Talent (2017)

Solving Tech Addiction Is an Underappreciated Market Opportunity

One of Bloomberg’s sources told them Chinese spy chip story “didn’t make sense”

Leaked Transcript Contradicts Google’s Official Story on China

Does Bitcoin/Blockchain make sense for international money transfers?

Octobox helps manage GitHub notifications

Visualize Python, Java, C, C++, JavaScript, TypeScript, and Ruby Code Execution

Rust RAII is better than the Haskell bracket pattern

Three Peaks at the Big Bang (2014)

Computer Networking: Principles, Protocols and Practice

Prolog as Description and Implementation Language in CS Teaching (2004) [pdf]

Why Some Amazon Workers Aren’t Happy About Their Raise

Intel’s New Low: Commissioning Misleading Core I9-9900K Benchmarks [video]

Economics Nobel laureate Paul Romer is a Python programming convert

Online Dating in the Bay Area, Gender Ratios by City and Age –!/vizhome/Match_comDatingbyCityandAge/Relocation

How early 8-bit arcade machines differed in design from 8-bit home computers

Larry Wall’s Very Own Home Page

Why we need the distributed web

The Case for Making Cities Out of Wood

Show HN: Shortcut Hub – siri shortcuts catalog

Go 1.11 got me to stop ignoring Go

“12 years ago today, I finished writing Hacker News”

As Chinese investment pours into the EU, the Europeans are beginning to worry

SymbiFlow: A FOSS Verilog-to-Bitstream FPGA synthesis flow for Various FPGAs

Twice as long – life expectancy around the world

Rietveld -I have resigned as the WordPress accessibility team lead. Here is why

Shell boss says mass reforestation needed to limit temperature rises to 1.5C

Hidden Camera Exposes Apple’s Genius Bars Ripping Off Customers

Flint schools are getting safe water fountains thanks to Elon Musk

Russian blues reveal effects of language on color discrimination

Google Call Screening: a personal robot that talks to, hangs up on spam calls

Experts Debating WTF Is Going on with Bloomberg’s Chinese Microchip Stories

The age of envy: how to be happy when everyone else’s life looks perfect

HP’s x360 14 Chromebook is a radical change from last year’s model

Apple Genius Bar caught ripping customer off ON CAMERA by CBC News

What could be more embarrassing for a Russian spy

Instagram says it will now detect bullying in photos

Named source warned Bloomberg the hardware implant story’s claim makes no sense

A brief romantic encounter at UC-Davis triggered an absurd Title IX process

Go 1.11 got me to stop ignoring Go

Japan’s Passport Most Powerful in the World When It Comes to Travel Freedom’s-Passport-Powerful-World-Travel-Freedom

Checkpoint Nation: Immigration authorities extend their reach into the interior

Here comes pseudolaw, a weird little cousin of pseudoscience

Now Is the Time to Start Planning for the Post-Android World

Reposurgeon’s Excellent Journey and the Waning of Python

Building a Social Network Using React.js and Firebase – CRUD App Tutorial

How to Attract a Killer Tigress? Try a Man’s Cologne

Workbox: JavaScript Libraries for adding offline support to web apps

Social media attacks Facebook’s new Portal video with ’1984’ references

Show HN: Kube-score: Kubernetes object linting with recommendations

Google’s China Ambitions Threaten U.S. National Security

Attacking the Apple empire

Thieves snatch more than 100 baby giant tortoises from Galapagos Islands

Turning Your 3D Printer into a Plotter (Or Other Device?) Is Surprisingly Simple

Show HN: ARIA Slider as Web Component

Show HN: Test Your Culture – What’s your (English-speaking) cultural knowledge?

Google Announces Pixel 3