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Self-healing material can build itself from carbon in the air

Walt: JavaScript-like syntax for WebAssembly

What’s a CPU to do when it has nothing to do?

Merging a Hasselblad 500C/M and a FujiFilm Instax 9

TSMC: First 7nm EUV Chips Taped Out, 5nm Risk Production in Q2 2019

Lugg (YC S15) is hiring software engineers – full stack, front end, back end

Sandsifter: x86 processor fuzzer

NetLogo – A multi-agent programmable modeling environment

Building a language translator from scratch with deep learning

The Trouble with Macroeconomics (2016) [pdf]

I don’t find writing Rust to be significantly harder than using a GC’d language

State education rankings are riddled with methodological flaws

Scientists say halting deforestation ’just as urgent’ as reducing emissions

Waymo’s driverless cars have logged 10M miles on public roads

Yossi Appleboum on How Bloomberg is Positioning His Research Against Supermicro

The State of the TclQuadcode compiler (2017) [pdf]

Multiple Severe Vulnerabilities Reported in Juniper Networks Hardware

Uniqlo cut 90% of staff at one warehouse by replacing them with robots

A Rust FFI adventure in unsafety

École 42, a free, teacher-less university is schooling thousands of programmers

Nearly $13B wiped off of cryptocurrency market as major coins plunge

Naming Names, Turks Turn Up Heat on Saudis in Consulate Case

Declassified documents show why the US and the USSR came close to war in 1973

Globally, Almost Four Out of Ten Music Consumers Are Pirates

Notation as a Tool of Thought

Zolang – A programming language for sharing code between multiple platforms

Yossi Appleboum on How Bloomberg Is Positioning His Research Against Supermicro

Flatbush: A very fast static spatial index for 2D points and rectangles in JS

PgFormatter: A PostgreSQL SQL syntax beautifier

To Heil, or Not to Heil, When Traveling in the Third Reich

Apple Said to Have ’Dramatically Reduced’ iPhone Repair Fraud in China

How Satya Nadella tripled Microsoft’s stock price in just over four years

6.S974 Decentralized Applications, Fall 2018

Jack Dorsey runs two multibillion-dollar companies without using a computer

Study: Google is the biggest beneficiary of the GDPR

Uncoiling the spiral: Maths and hallucinations

Continued progress porting Emacs to Rust

Show HN: Get GitHub and GitHub Enterprise notifications in MacOS

Helium leak from MRI disabled all Apple devices in the facility

BlazingSQL – A GPU SQL Engine for RAPIDS Open-Source Software from Nvidia

Throttling conditions to be considered in Messaging platform – Service Bus

Programs compiled by Go 1.11 allocate an unreasonable amount of virtual memory

“12 years ago today, I finished writing Hacker News”

I have resigned as the WordPress accessibility team lead

US Simplified Spelling Board (1906)

Sorting 2 Tons of Lego, the Software Side (2017)

Towns across the US make it illegal for teenagers to trick-or-treat

Show HN: Autogit – automatically execute commands across multiple Git repos

Sex Differences in Visual Motion Processing

Show HN: Supercharge your front-end skills by building real projects

Show HN: DevFlight – Get paid to develop your open-source projects

Tunnel with a rail system is found under Mexico-California border

Learning Acrobatics by Watching YouTube

Luna Display turns your iPad into a second Mac display

Show HN: New OTC Decentralized Crypto Trading Product by AirSwap

Show HN: Universal Solution for Accepting Cryptocurrency Subscriptions

The Fiasco microkernel

Code review from the command line

Russia’s Cyberwar on Ukraine Is a Blueprint for What’s to Come

Square CFO Sarah Friar to Become Nextdoor CEO

China Uighurs: Xinjiang ’legalises’ Muslim internment camps

NY Post: Break up Amazon before it does any more damage to America

PostGraphile v4 Released (GraphQL API for PostgreSQL)

Benjamin Zander: The transformative power of classical music – TED Talk

KRACK WIFI Attacks – Follow up

NSA Senior Advisor Questions Report Claiming China Hacked Apples Server Supplier

New bill to end the federal tax credit for electric cars and tax them more

Armchair Investigators at Front of British Inquiry into Spy Poisoning

Show HN: Shasta – Everything you need to operate with energy on Ethereum

Linux Kernel Patches Posted for Streebog – Crypto from Russia’s FSB

How Silicon Valley helps spread the same sterile aesthetic across the world

Google+ Security bugs – We reveal others company bugs publicly, but not our own

Despite proposed solutions, DNS security issues remain

What’s a CPU to do when it has nothing to do?

Microsoft promises to defend–not attack–Linux with its 60,000 patents