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Show HN: Comprehensive Tutorials in Deep Learning Using TensorFlow

Teach Yourself to Echolocate: A beginner’s guide to navigating with sound

Ten years ago today, I had the idea for an app I thought was interesting

A Fast x86 Implementation of Select (2017) [pdf]

Studying to Assist in the Restoration of an Apollo Guidance Computer

Graphql.js: A Simple and Isomorphic GraphQL Client for JavaScript

Rapids – Open GPU Data Science

Systems Software Research is Irrelevant (2000) [pdf]

The Murgia Hack System

From Media to Meaning: Classic Machine Learning [video]

Hawking’s final science study released

Business networking for nerds (2017)

Oat++. zero-dependency framework to create high-performance web-services. C++

Notes on Type Layouts and ABIs in Rust

How law enforcement is trying to avoid disabling Face ID

BetrFS: An in-kernel file system that uses Bε trees to organize on-disk storage

GPU LSM: A Dynamic Dictionary Data Structure for the GPU [pdf]

Facebook Says Russian Firms ‘Scraped’ Data, Some for Facial Recognition

Richard Branson suspends Saudi Arabia’s investment over missing journalist

Rendering the Moana Island Scene Part 2:A production scene from a hobby renderer

Allegations of overpriced repair charges at Apple Store [video]

NOAA Begins Posting Hurricane Michael Damage Assessment Imagery

Show HN: Unlimited second chances to pitch your product/idea

Fantasy Maps That Put the World’s Tallest Mountains Side by Side

Smarking (YC W15) Is Hiring Back End Engineers in SF

Anki Vector: The Home Robot

Thoughts on Microsoft Joining OIN’s Patent Non-Aggression Pact

Cops Told ‘Don’t Look’ at New iPhones to Avoid Face ID Lock-Out

JetBrains IDE’s still unusably slow on many Macs with ext monitors after 3 years

How Yan Lianke Became China’s Most Controversial Satirist

A Conversation on Hard Tech with Eric Migicovsky, Founder of Pebble [video]

What developers say Apple needs to do to make the Apple TV a gaming console

Want to Punish Saudi Arabia? Cut Off Its Weapons Supply

I Have a Laptop with 4GB RAM – An Electron Rant

Why Diving Down Internet Rabbit Holes Won’t Teach You Anything

Annapurna Devi: The Tragedy And Triumph Of Ravi Shankar’s First Wife

Multiplication: It Ain’t No Repeated Addition [2008]

Epic Games Sues YouTuber ’Golden Modz’ Over ’Magical’ Fortnite Powers

Trump’s New Iran Sanctions May Hit Snag with Global Financial Service

Duolingo achieved a 50% female ratio of new engineering college graduate hires

Facebook Says Russian Firms ‘Scraped’ Data, Some for Facial Recognition

VC Chamath Palihapitiya on Falling for “Ponzi Scheme” of Silicon Valley (21:47)

“This Isn’t How We Saw This Going”: Civil’s Token Sale Is Treading Water

Smallest TTL homebrew CPU in the world

The Development Disaster Behind MacOS

Show HN: Anomaly detection in crypto market

How to Get a FREE “HTTPS” for Your Domain (Using AWS)

Boston Dynamics’ Robot Can Do Parkour Now and It Is Incredibly Impressive

Dive into Python 3 is offline. Can HN help bring it back?

Show HN: Build your own self driving RC car and learn robotics and AI

Saudi Journalist Wore Apple Watch and Recorded His Own Murder in Saudi Consulate