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How Lisp Became God’s Own Programming Language

The History of Sears Predicts Nearly Everything Amazon Is Doing (2017)

The extra­ordinary influence of the Iliad and Odyssey

RaptorJIT 1.0: Lua implementation for high-perf low-level system programming

Priority Queue on Ethereum with a 15 ETH Bug Bounty

The high-risk, high-reward world of selling random stuff on Amazon

Stop cherry-picking, start merging, Part 1: The merge conflict

A Framework for Intelligence and Cortical Function Based on Grid Cells

How to Manage Connections Efficiently in Postgres, or Any Database

The Wonder from Down Under: The Fairlight CMI Digital Sampling Synthesiser

The story of Augur, an Ethereum prediction market

China cracks down on religion, crosses burned at Christian churches

‘Lifeboats’ Amid the World’s Wildfires

Animals that are currently monitored using facial recognition technology chiptune radio (1999)

M.I.T. Plans College for Artificial Intelligence, Backed by $1B

Survey of YC female founders on sexual harassment, coercion by angels and VCs

Channels, Concurrency, Cores: A New Concurrent ML Implementation (2017) [video]

Codeless GraphQL, REST testing

Miscellaneous notes on Apollo Guidance Computer design from my research

The highest paid workers in Silicon Valley are product managers

Google’s CEO Says Tests of Censored Chinese Search Engine Turned Out Great

Bruce Schneier: “Click Here to Kill Everybody” [video]

Show HN: Single Command SSL/TLS Reverse Proxy with Autogen’d Certs (Golang)

Genocide was incited via social media by Myanmar military over 5 year period

Show HN: Physically Based Rendering – Online Edition

Using /proc to get a process’ current stack trace

Tesla deploys massive new Autopilot neural net in v9

Checkr (YC S14) is hiring engineers to build the future of online trust

Russian Orthodox Church cuts all links with Constantinople

Former Groupon CEO Andrew Mason on what the roller-coaster ride felt like

Show HN: App Academy Open – Free Online Coding Bootcamp Https://

Interface Hall of Shame – QuickTime 4.0 Player (1999)

Senators Demand Google Hand Over Internal Memo Urging Google+ Cover-Up

Be a creator, not a critic

The future’s so bright, I gotta wear blinders

GTA ‘Cheat’ Developers Have Homes Searched and Assets Frozen

Math and Art: Strikingly Beautiful Images from the SuiteSparse Matrix Collection

The Cryptocurrency Industry Is ’On the Brink of an Implosion’, Research Says

Did Uber steal Google’s intellectual property? (long form)

Can moons have moons?

’We Were Working 100-Hour Weeks,’ Red Dead Redemption 2 Head Writer Says

Show HN: UXHunt – Your Daily Dose of UX Intelligence (and Our Side Project)

Užupis: The tiny ’nation’ you’ve never heard of

Executive exodus: Jamie Dimon and other top CEOs quit Saudi conference

Palm Is Releasing a Mini Companion Android Phone at Verizon for $350

The Army May Have Found Its Next Rifle in a Colorado Garage

The Roman ’Brexit’: how life in Britain changed after 409 AD

Ed Sheeran paid more in tax last year than both Starbucks and Amazon

NASA wants to send humans to Venus – here’s why that’s a brilliant idea

Tether (USDT) price falling to $0.95

Show HN: GraphQL lib for real-time apps

Show HN: A JavaScript budgeting app that implements a KNN to make predictions

Microsoft to Disable TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 Support in Edge and Internet Explorer

Show HN: Polar – an offline web browser with annotations and tagging

Venezuela’s mass migration is weighing on Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

China just laid out how it wants Google to help it persecute its Muslim minority

Show HN: Dynamic perler patterns (fuse bead recipes)

Technology Myths and Urban Legends

Apple is donating 1,000 watches for a new study to track binge eating

Blockchain isn’t about democracy and decentralisation – it’s about greed

“I leave the car at home”: how free buses are revolutionising one French city

A Future Where Everything Becomes a Computer Is as Creepy as Feared

Xkcd: Modified Bayes’ Theorem

Saudis preparing to admit Jamal Khashoggi died during interrogation

What you can’t say (2004)

Do Not Track,’ the Privacy Tool Used by Millions of People, Doesn’t Do Anything

KDE received a donation of 300,000 USD from the Handshake Foundation


Saudis preparing to admit Jamal Khashoggi died during interrogation

Tribler Invented ’Paid’ Torrent Seeding Over a Decade Ago

Show HN: A Live Chat UI Using Glimmer.js

Show HN: Build your own self driving RC car and learn robotics and AI