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Evergreen: a React UI Framework built by Segment

Life Got You Down? Time to Read The Master and Margarita

How to Host or Attend a Tiny Conference

First analysis of how Uber and Lyft have affected roadway congestion in SF

Responder: A familiar HTTP Service Framework

ChuChu TV is responsible for widely-viewed toddler content on YouTube

A guide to rhythm in web typography

Pijul: A Rust based distributed version control system

Wefunder is hiring a founder-in-residence

Piano Genie: An Intelligent Musical Interface

New half-light half-matter particles may hold the key to a computing revolution

Why is FFTW written in OCaml and what makes it so fast?

Show HN: All Clear Weather – creating new live weather datasets with ML

Show HN: Mole – an open source tool to easily create ssh tunnels

How Do Insurance Companies Know My Health History? (2017)

A Brief History of Shopping: From Sears to Amazon in four uneasy upheavals

Does being bored make us more creative? (2014)

Lisprolog – Interpreter for a Simple Lisp, Written in Prolog

Lessons learned from creating a real-time collaborative rich-text editor

UGears – 3D Wooden Mechanical Model Kits, 3D Puzzles

Show HN: Serverless Free Text Search with AWS Lambda

Home Network Segmentation: A Must in the IoT Era – CKD3, LLC

Google to Charge Phone Makers for Android Apps in Europe

App Engine’s New Go 1.11 Runtime

Breaking US Encryption: The Australian Test Case

Tree-sitter – a new parsing system for programming tools [video]

Machine Learning on 2KB of RAM [pdf]

The High Stakes of Surfing’s Wave-Pool Arms Race

Backblaze Drive Stats: 2018 Q3 Hard Drive Failure Rates

Messenger systems compared by security, privacy, compatibility, and features

Arm Announces Neoverse Infrastructure IP Branding and Future Roadmap

Joker: Clojure-like language on GoLang that’s really fast

Gartner picks digital ethics and privacy as a strategic trend for 2019

U.S. Is World’s Most Competitive Economy for First Time in a Decade

How the Sears Catalog Undermined White Supremacy in the Jim Crow South

Show HN: Personal avatar generator built in ReasonML

Brain pollution: Evidence builds that dirty air causes Alzheimer’s, dementia

Libssh 0.8.4 and 0.7.6 Authentication Bypass Vulnerability Fix (CVE-2018-10933)

Facebook walks back statements on data collection and its Portal in-home device

American Mercenaries Were Hired to Assassinate Politicians in the Middle East

Boston Dynamics: UpTown Spot

GitHub Actions – GitHub Developer Guide

The new research datasets collection, on AWS Open Data

Nearly Every Real FCC Public Comment Supported Net Neutrality – Stanford Study

How Snowflake Rebuilt Its AWS Stack on Azure

The TRON Developer Hub

Concepts to help developers master JavaScript

Thomas Edison Did Not Invent the Light Bulb

To become a software consultant, avoid letting clients pay you for code (2017)

Show HN: Dangless-malloc – Safe dangling pointer errors (master thesis)

Ex-Google engineer describing the company’s role in China censorship

Donald Daters, a dating app for Trump supporters, leaked its users’ data

Visa to stop Australian online merchants from storing credit card numbers

Tarn Adams – Villains in Dwarf Fortress

Assange needs to take care of his cat, or it’ll be given away, Ecuador says

A comparison of Linux base images

An interactive visualisation of Ageing

Apple ‘deeply apologetic’ for payment app phishing hacks in China

Communism Might Last a Million Years

Google will stop bundling its apps on Android phones in response to EU fine

Acquiring absolute pitch in adulthood is difficult but possible

The Japanese Man Who Saved 6,000 Jews with His Handwriting

Battling the Scourge of ‘Embalmed Milk’ in 1880s Indiana

Oresund Bridge, Wonder of Civil Engineering

Boston Dynamics Spot mini dancing

Research Shows Average Age of Successful Founders Is Older Than You Think

Vectorized Emulation: fuzzing at 2 trillion instructions per second

Training NeuralNets on Larger Batches: Tips for 1-GPU,N-GPU and Distrib. Setups

The Sears catalogue was radical in the era of Jim Crow

PeerTube 1.0: A decentralized video hosting network, based on libre software

Paul Allen, Microsoft’s Co-Founder, Is Dead at 65

MongoDB Now Released Under the Server Side Public License – MongoDB

Model-Based Machine Learning