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Signing Your Apps for Gatekeeper

Business card-sized Japanese phone bucks the giant-phone trend

Show HN: Applying for jobs? Manage all your interviews in one place

Did Facebook’s faulty data push publishers to make terrible decisions on video?

Brand New ODroid Single Board Computer

The impact of gratitude on adolescent materialism and generosity

A Hacker from South Africa Rescued the First NASA Computer in Space (2016)

Why Doesn’t Ancient Fiction Talk About Feelings? (2017)

Apple CEO Tim Cook Calling for Bloomberg to Retract Its Chinese Spy Chip Story

Asterix in Translation: The Genius of Anthea Bell and Derek Hockridge

New York Attorney General Expands Inquiry into Net Neutrality Comments

Euclidea – Geometric construction game with straightedge and compass

Consistency Without Clocks: FaunaDB’s Distributed Transaction Protocol

Tank Kee’s Library: The adventures of a Chinese imperial encyclopedia

Update on Structured Concurrency

Hackers Breach Medicare/Medicaid Services Portal, Get Data on 75,000

A tutorial on Principal Component Analysis

Winamp 5.8 Release – First update in 5 years

Center for Democracy and Technology Launches VPN Trustworthiness Initiative

I woke up unable to speak English

Bunnicula, asynchronous messaging with RabbitMQ for Clojure

Advice on how to take a screenshot (1985)

GraphSense – A Scalable Cryptocurrency Analytics Platform

The story of ISPC: origins (part 1)

Show HN: Optimage – Advanced image optimization tool

Improving AI language understanding by combining multiple word representations

Postcards from Big Brother: The Curious Propaganda of a Brutal Soviet Era

3factor apps: a pattern for fast iteration, resilience and high scalability

42 percent of new cancer patients lose their life savings

Science Fiction Interfaces

Flares – CloudFlare DNS backup tool

Harvard’s Admissions Process, Once Secret, Is Unveiled in Federal Court

Smartians are cloud-connected motors that hacking the things around you

1 in 4 Venmo users’ actions on the app can be monetized, PayPal CFO says

Pioneer of Central Washington cryptocurrency boom falls on hard times

Jamal Khashoggi case: Saudi Arabia says journalist killed in fight

Some ancient narratives contain remarkably reliable records of real events’s ‘right to be forgotten’ removes names from some crime stories

Falsehoods Programmers Believe about Garbage Collection

A small JS+SVG library for drawing railroad syntax diagrams, like on

‘Geek Girl’ gamers are more likely to study science and technology degrees

Microservices Are Something You Grow Into, Not Begin With

GE Exoskeleton Hardiman I Project (1971) [pdf]

Google app suite costs as much as $40 per phone under new EU Android deal

Advanced Version Control Pocket Guide for Game Developers [pdf]

Show HN: Mastering Async JavaScript - learn async JS through live examples

Tesla quietly drops “full self-driving” option as it adds $45,000 Model 3

Facebook hires Nick Clegg as head of global affairs

Show HN: Introduction into FP and Scala – workshop materials

A hip online magazine hired a CGI “it girl” as its contributing arts editor

West Virginia’s voting experiment stirs security fears

Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish Released

Facebook Hires Former Deputy PM Sir Nick Clegg

Australia’s encryption-busting bill also after PINs, passwords

Show HN: AdGuard Home – an open source network-wide ad blocker

Is the Touch Bar a gimmick? Two years in, I can answer that

Twitter publishes dump of accounts tied to Russian, Iranian influence campaigns

Hackers Breach Medicare/Medicaid Services Portal, Get Data on 75,000

Diesel and petrol ban should come much faster, say MPs

Enjoying High-Res Graphics on a Text-Only TRS-80 Model 4 from 1983 – Byte Cellar