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Copyright Office Ruling Imposes Sweeping Right to Repair Reforms

The Simple Essence of Automatic Differentiation [pdf]

Cancer Hospital Ads Deceive Patients About Their Chances Of Survival

Gophish: An open source phishing toolkit

How Curry Became a Japanese Naval Tradition

Can optical illusions fool AI too?

Google paid Andy Rubin $90M while keeping silent about a misconduct claim

The History and Concept of Computability (1996) [pdf]

What Happens When Telecom Companies Search Your Home for Piracy

Inexpensive chip-based device may transform spectrometry

Show HN: I made a script to generate self-signed SSL certs for local development

Ply: Lightweight, Dynamic Tracing in Linux

At Netflix, Radical Transparency and Blunt Firings Unsettle the Ranks

I Bought Used Voting Machines on EBay for $100 Apiece. What I Found Was Alarming

Unicorn: lightweight, multi-platform, multi-architecture CPU emulator framework

Facebook’s political ad tool let us buy ads “paid for” by Mike Pence and ISIS

List of 600 free online courses launched by 190 universities

How to Raise Money (2013)

Show HN: Toodles – Project management directly from the TODO’s in your code

Government Spyware Vendor Left Customer, Victim Data Online for Everyone to See

SciLua: Scientific Computing with LuaJIT

Using Dark Mode in CSS with MacOS Mojave

Colons in computer science paper titles

Psilocybin therapy for depression granted Breakthrough Therapy status by FDA

Google Turns Over Identities of Bloggers on Benfica

MongoDB’s Server Side Public License Is Likely Unenforceable

Google sacks dozens over sexual harassment

Pine64 is Working on a Linux Smartphone Running KDE Plasma

The Era of the Drone Swarm Is Coming

How a 19th-Century Teenager Sparked a Battle Over Who Owns Our Faces

In a new study, those who ate more organic food had fewer cancer diagnoses

Joanna Rutkowska leaves Qubes OS, joins Golem

Show HN: WebGazer – Simple and Affordable Website Monitoring Service

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket seems to be a hit with satellite companies

Facebook’s political ad tool let us buy ads “paid for” by Mike Pence and ISIS

Popularity Dynamics and Intrinsic Quality in Reddit and Hacker News (2015) [pdf]

Apple’s Radical Approach to News: Humans Over Machines

Annon: Configurable API gateway that acts as a reverse proxy with plugin system

Trump Proposes to Lower Drug Prices by Basing Them on Other Countries’ Costs

Archery in the upcoming Robin Hood movie [video]

Option Pricing with Fourier Transform and Exponential Lévy Models [pdf]

Google’s secret and Linear Algebra (2004) [pdf]

Green tea supplements ruined my liver

An open letter to Tim Cook about privacy, from /e/ Founder

Brazil’s military dictatorship leaves a paper trail in the CIA archives

Show HN: A tool to translate images across languages

Tiny doses of magic mushrooms can boost your problem-solving skills

Show HN: Stop forgetting about the bookmarks you saved – Mailist

Google has sacked dozens over sexual harassment since 2016

Show HN: Homlina – Homeowner task board in React/Lambda

A Defense Against Cache Timing Attacks in Speculative Execution Processors [pdf]

’Twisted’ fibre optic light breakthrough could make internet 100 times faster

Build a 100% Serverless Website with AWS in 7 Easy Steps

GraphQL interfaces and unions – how to design GraphQL schema

As a female engineer, I am not diversity

In Groundbreaking Decision, Feds Say Hacking DRM to Fix Electronics Is Legal

Tesla delivers ’historic’ $311m profit

Cathay Pacific data hack hits 9.4M passengers

Sway: i3-compatible Wayland compositor – 1.0-beta.1 released