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Why Private Equity Is Furious Over a Paper in a Dermatology Journal

Visualizing quaternions: An explorable video series

Duckspeak vs. Smalltalk: Decline of the Xerox PARC Philosophy at Apple (2011)

Compiling to Categories (2017) [video]

How I made my own RFID tag [video]

Experimental realization of Feynman’s ratchet

Ursula K. Le Guin’s poetry reveals a writer humbled by the craft

Morocco abruptly drops clock change

A Dark Consensus About Screens and Kids Begins to Emerge in Silicon Valley

Understanding Reduced-Voltage Operation in Modern DRAM Devices [pdf]

Texans say voting machines changing straight-ticket choices

Incremental – Library for incremental computations

LSTM Neural Network that tries to write piano melodies similar to Bach’s (2016)

A Comprehensive Guide to Sentiment Analysis

Telegraph operators were first to know news of the Civil War

Google drops plans for Berlin campus after protests

Google Workers Fume Over Executives’ Payouts After Sexual Misconduct Claims

Show HN: TeXMe – Self-Rendering Markdown and LaTeX Documents

Side-project Ideas That Could Get Big

The Architecture of Git (2012)

Survey maps global variations in ethics for programming autonomous vehicles

How China’s New Missile Concept Could Cripple American Air Power

The Blu-Ray Reauthoring Project

A Plan 9 C compiler for RISC-V [pdf]

Airbnb can’t go on unregulated – it does too much damage to cities

Microsoft completes GitHub acquisition

Decrypting Crypto, from Bitcoin and Blockchain to ICOs (2017) [video]

The compute and data moats are dead

The Geometry of Reflection Groups [pdf]

Mind’s quality control center found in long-ignored brain area

Show HN: Callwarden

Google’s smart city dream is turning into a privacy nightmare

The Origin of HyperCard in the Breakdown of the Bicycle for the Mind (2015)

Bruno Latour, the Post-Truth Philosopher, Mounts a Defense of Science

The Digital Gap Between Rich and Poor Kids Is Not What Was Expected

Chowdy: Shutting Down a +$110,000/Month Food Startup

HDR image to LDR using edge-preserving multiscale decompositions

Memory Model Verification at the Trisection of Software, Hardware, ISA (2017)

Show HN: RunInfoBuilder, .NET command line parser utilizing object trees

Why almost everyone was wrong about Tesla’s cash flow situation

As Tether flails, cryptocurrency exchanges launch rival stablecoins

Show HN: Admin Dashboard Templates Built with Vue, React and Angular

Introducing the integrated discovery environment (2017)

Future of Statistical Programming

Location of large mystery source of banned ozone depleting substance uncovered

The Selfish Dataome: Does the data we produce serve us, or vice versa?

Gmail’s Simple Html Mode is much better than standard mode

Teasing, Gossip, and Local Names on Rapanui (1979) [pdf]

Show HN: A funny rap song about how opinionated developers are

Why Logical Clocks Are Easy (2016)

Trying to prove Christie’s auction AI art is generated with Barrat’s model

Tesla hugely exceeded expectations last quarter

React Today and Tomorrow and 90% Cleaner React

China’s Government Has Ordered a Million Citizens to Occupy Uighur Homes

Corporate Speech Police Are Not the Answer to Online Hate

Show HN: UnderExpress – A 100+ component, free, ready to use website UI kit

Show HN: Excalibur – A web interface to extract tabular data from PDFs

Federal prosecutors have filed new charges against swatter Tyler Barriss

Supporting MacOS Mojave’s Dark Mode on the Web