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WebAssembly Threads ready to try in Chrome 70

Technology preview: Sealed sender for Signal is hiring hackers

Spatial: A High Level Programming Language for FPGAs

Web Performance 101: how to optimize your JS, CSS, HTTP stuff, images, and fonts

Soup – Alan Kay on Objects

Founder’s Guide to the Y Combinator Interview

TinyEMU, a RISC-V/i486 VM for Linux in the Browser

Three hundred and sixty years of United States caselaw

Show HN: Stay with founders in San Francisco

Qnnpack: PyTorch-integrated open source library for mobile deep learning

Bracketed paste mode (2013)

How an outsider bucked prevailing Alzheimer’s theory, clawed for validation

The unsolved murder of an unusual billionaire

To Err Is Human: Mistakes and slips in skydiving and other disciplines

Chemists thrilled by speedy atomic structures

The frustration and quasi freedom of being an Uber driver

With Proton and Steam Play, many Windows games now work on Linux

Show HN: Vespene – My new Python CI/CD and automation server written in Django

Tech giants face 2% UK digital services tax

Maintaining 65k open connections in a single Ruby process

Decensoring Hentai with Deep Neural Networks

A recent experiment may have placed organisms in a state of quantum entanglement

Headquarter Locations of Top 101 Y Combinator Companies

Google Engineers Organizing a Walk Out to Protest the Protection of Andy Rubin

Exploring C Semantics and Pointer Provenance [pdf]

A survey of cross-lingual word embedding models (2016)

The U.S. Library of Congress Lets You Stream Hundreds of Free Films

The Surprising Power of the Long Game

Redrawing the Map: How the World’s Climate Zones Are Shifting

The Reykjavik File: Secret U.S. And Soviet Documents on 1986 Summit (2006)

Smell and behavior: The scents of taking action

Technology preview: Sealed sender for Signal

Show HN: Share company announcements in your coworkers’ new tab

Deep Red: The Beginning of the End of a Familiar Open Source Business Model?

Azul GUI Framework

Nvidia’s flagship RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards are failing more than they should

Calculating Space by Konrad Zuse (1969) [pdf]

Introducing the Foundation (Part 1 of 2) –

Aerial LIDAR scans to 3D printing

Who’s rating doctors on RateMDs? The invisible hand of ’reputation management’

Copyright Office Adds DMCA Exemption for ’Abandoned’ Online Games

Neural Networks on iOS and Android: Classify Images with TensorFlow Lite

Why There Will Never Be Another Red Hat: The Economics of Open Source (2014)

Art Brock of Holochain: A nature inspired approach to distributed systems

How to be an open source gardener (2014)

Gab Vanishes, and the Internet Shrugs

My Drawing and Calculating Instruments (2011)

Tesla Parts Online Parts Catalog Now Available

The GNU Kind Communication Guidelines Are Bad for Free Software

Drug cocktail almost doubles lifespan of worms

Growing My First App to Profitability with No Marketing Experience

If you want my money, you’ll have to answer to these four questions

Chess as an art: the beauty behind unnatural moves

Show HN: ShoutBox – post your secrets, rants and wishes anonymously

We are heading for a New Cretaceous, not for a new normal

How to run a calm workplace: review of Basecamp’s book

Mew and Me: iPad Games to Keep Your Cat from Feeling Lonely

Qualcomm Says Apple Is $7B Behind in Royalty Payments

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2920X and 2970WX Linux Performance Benchmarks

OOP Is Dead, Long Live Data-Oriented Design [video]

Show HN: Blog made with CouchDB/PouchDB available for download

Utah will pay for public employees to go fill prescriptions in Mexico

Humble Bundle Java Books by Packt

OOP vs. Functional Programming (2014)

Kotlin 1.3 Released with Coroutines, Kotlin/Native Beta, and More

Twitter to remove ‘like’ tool in a bid to improve the quality of debate

YouTube comments are heavily manipulated, and I fear for our democracy

Binary Skin – Exploring Japan’s Virtual YouTuber Phenomenon

Machine learning with Python: Essential hacks and tricks

Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption Could Increase Global Temps 2 C by 2033

CEO Shoots Self to Test Bulletproof Jacket

U.K. To Roll Out Developed World’s First ‘Digital’ Tax goes down after GoDaddy threatens to pull domain

’City of surveillance’: privacy expert quits Toronto’s smart-city project