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An error message, still found in Windows 10, is a mistake from 1974

Dank-selfhosted: automated deployment of email, web, DNS, XMPP, ZNC on OpenBSD

Could Solar Radiation Pressure Explain Oumuamua’s Peculiar Acceleration?

In Soviet Union, Optimization Problem Solves You (2012)

OUP/M: CP/M-like operating system for 6502

More Evidence Points to China as Source of Ozone-Depleting Gas

Prolog Under the Hood: An Honest Look (1992)

Proof of Stake or Proof of Work, What’s the Difference?

A Guide to Undefined Behavior in C and C++ (2010)

Show HN: HTML-Notepad – A WYSIWYG editor of structured documents

An iOS dev’s intro to graphics, and a graphics engineer’s intro to ARKit

Milestones: The Story of WordPress (2017)

Tying the knot: New DNA nanostructures

Soyuz MS-10 abort caused by sensor failure at booster separation

What Is The Morning Writing Effect?

Smarking (YC W15) Is Hiring Back End Engineers in SF

How to implement strings

Show HN: Detect which iOS devices are used on your site

Why Do Taxonomists Write the Meanest Obituaries? (2016)

Why Are Antiques So Cheap? Because Everyone Lives in the Kitchen

In a Land of Quakes, Engineering a Future for a Church Made of Mud

Aether – Free, privacy-sensitive public communities

Neglected side projects for less than $1000

Tech companies pay poor Kenyans to produce training data for AI

Scientists Create Rare Fifth Form of Matter in Space

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Is for Hackers

Project Volutus: Micro data centers at base of cell towers

Why3 – A platform for deductive program verification

New Research About Kids’ Screen Time and Mental Health

Swedish ISP Protests ‘Site Blocking’ by Blocking Rightsholders Website Too

SCCS: The Posix Standard Source Code Control System (2017)

Why I’m Ditching Android

Segway was supposed to change the world. Two decades later, it just might

Why can’t all cities have bike bridges like Copenhagen’s Cycle Snake? (2014)

Show HN: JavaScript unit testing in under 30 lines

Study: Almost half of borrowers will default on student loans in coming years

Five-year-old boy’s 15-page CV grabs China online attention

WireGuard Didn’t Make it To The Mainline Linux Kernel This Cycle

The New Retirement Plan: Save Almost Everything, Spend Virtually Nothing

Using Wi-Fi to “see” behind closed doors is easier than anyone thought

This crab could save your life – if humans don’t wipe it out first

Despite forecasts to the contrary, SQL remains lingua franca of data processing

Intel to Outsource Entry-Level CPU and Chipset Fabrication to TSMC

Cryptography During the French and American Wars in Vietnam [pdf]

Show HN: Make money interviewing candidates

Freedom on the Net 2018: The Rise of Digital Authoritarianism

Language Panel (Gerald Sussman, Rich Hickey, et al)

Show HN: Nirvana, a WIP programming language

JEP 230: Microbenchmark Suite

U.S. Navy’s Costliest Carrier Was Delivered Without Elevators to Lift Bombs

Show HN: Best way to digest Book- and Video- learnings for entrepreneurs

Typing in Hell: A Laptop Lover’s Guide to the New MacBook Air and iPad Pro

Could ’Oumuamua be an extraterrestrial solar sail?

China to Launch Artificial Moon to Light Up Night Skies