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Microsoft Releases a Linux Version of the ProcDump Sysinternals Tool

Redbird: A modern reverse proxy for Node

How Writers Map Their Imaginary Worlds

Show HN: Interactive implementation of the NIST Blockchain use case flow chart

Depends – the missing linker for the JVM

Bussed out: how America moves thousands of homeless people around the country

How I became friends with an octopus

Edward Snowden says a report critical to an NSA lawsuit is authentic

Google’s interview system: it’s not about solving the problem

Show HN: Above-average products selling for below-average prices

Show HN: Technical note app that builds a knowledge base

Ara Güler obituary: a renowned photojournalist

EventStore: Open-Source, Functional Database with Complex Event Processing in JS

Apple’s T2 chip will prevent hackers from eavesdropping on your microphone

New Hardware for Massive Neural Networks (1988) [pdf]

The more women have equal opportunities, the more they differ from men

6502 Language Implementation Approaches

Swiss experiment with sound to make cheese tastier

Colleges Want Students with Character, but Can’t Measure It (2014)

Learning Clojure: comparing with Java streams

Analyzing the Evolution of Linkin Park’s Music with Pandas

Show HN: – Elixir conference videos on one page

A key ingredient for a universal flu vaccine may come from llamas

Jeri Ellsworth and the Robot Uprising of 2038

GoCity – Code City metaphor for visualizing Go source code

Show HN: Hacker Dig – Digging Ideas from Hacker News

Cemeteries are landfills, and can contain all sorts of pollutants

Stealing Chrome cookies without a password

Google Chrome’s Users Take a Back Seat to Its Bottom Line

Google+ User Creates Freedom-Based Alternative as Google Announces End of G+

The Waste of Daylight – William Willett’s Original Daylight Saving Time Proposal

CodeCity: Integrated 3D environment for software analysis

Colorizing Stderr: racing pipes, and libc monkey-patching

A List of Recommender Systems and Resources

The World According to Stanisław Lem (2016)!

A Fetus Can Turn to Stone in Its Mother’s Body and Go Undiscovered for Decades

Bitcoin is 10 years old: This is how it began and where it’s headed

Wired Interviews Bill Gates (1996) [video]

30 spies dead after Iran cracked CIA comms network

Scaling Machine Learning at Uber with Michelangelo

Show HN: Are you an old school demoscene programmers? Come take a look

Using Wi-Fi to “see” behind closed doors is easier than anyone thought

Show HN: Simple Budgeting

Gusto is searching for a creative product leader to launch a new initiative

Fred Rogers wouldn’t have wanted to appear in a Google ad

Physical Addressing on Real Hardware in Isabelle/HOL [pdf]

16 Blogs on Engineering Management and Leadership You May Not Know About

Everything Old Isn’t New Again (Yet)

MIT Scholars Take a Rational Look at Increasingly Irrational Political Discourse

CppCon 2018: “Memory Tagging and how it improves C/C++ memory safety”

DNA Is a Fractal Antenna in Electromagnetic Fields (2011)

A brief analysis of the CSS for Twitter’s PWA vs. Twitter’s legacy website

South Koreans are working themselves to death. Can they get their lives back?

Argentina’s mega-storms attract army of meteorologists

Brain cancer: drink that makes tumours glow could make surgery more effective

Show HN: Interactive Jobs Board Dedicated to Data-Related Roles

Rules for Dining Out – How a frugal economist finds the perfect lunch (2012)

Fast, visual employee directories

What to Do When You Want to Say “I Don’t Trust You” (Hint: Don’t Say It)

Lessons I learned from training with special forces that I use in software dev

Bug from 1974 still affects Windows 10

Demo: Neural Style Transfer on a Raspberry Pi

Blizzard Says It Wasn’t Expecting Fans to Be This Angry About Diablo Immortal

Show HN: Elph – Highly Scalable Blockchain Infrastructure for Ethereum

Hestia Project: Quantifying carbon dioxide emissions like never before